Pippa Vs. LiLo: Who Wore It Best?

As we have already shown today, there are many ways in which Kim Kardashian’s wedding mirrored that of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Here is another: Lindsay Lohan wore the same sexy Temperley gown that Pippa Middleton wore to the reception after her sister’s wedding. Pippa opted for a green hue, while LiLo went for white. (Normally this would be a huge faux pas at a wedding, but the Kardashian-mandated dress code was black and white, so she’s in the clear). Because we always have to turn everything into a competition around here, I’m going to ask you: who wore it best?

Some things to consider:

-Lindsay actually appears to have abused the tanning bed less than Pippa here.

-Lindsay’s cleavage looks bodacious.

-Lindsay has bangs, which frame her face nicely.

On the other hand,

-Pippa accessorized with a cute, contrasting clutch.

-Pippa’s bang-less up-do works well on her.

-Pippa knows how to drink responsibly.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Cassieleigh

      Why is this even a question. It’s Pippa no contest. She carries the dress like a lady.

      • Fatima

        Agreed. No contest. Let’s just pretend LiLo never even tried … why was she invited to Kim’s wedding?! I didn’t even think they spoke. I didn’t think anyone still spoke to Lindsay …

    • ac1

      The lighting makes it look like Lohan hasn’t abused the tanning bed but in another picture, of that event, she looks like leather.

      I agreed with Cassieleigh.

    • Nancy

      I think Lindsay Lohan could have made it work if her hair was different.

    • paige vi

      lindsay’s breasts are frightening me.

    • Johnny B

      LiLo ! LiLo ! LiLo ! NO Contest ! LiLo has got it all and would smoke anyone in any dress anytime ! You Rock LiLo !