Real Talk: Does Shejaculation Ever Happen In Real Life?

Female ejaculation is something only porn stars do, right? Right? OR IS IT? Maybe it’s happening to everyone all the time! Maybe you feel awkward now! We polled a group of our male and female friends to hear whether it happens in the regular course of events, or if it’s something that only trained professionals attempt. We’ll accompany their thoughts with some very subtle pictures of women in front of fountains.

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    • Zoe

      I’m with Elle all the way.

    • Jamie Peck

      This has succeeded in making me mildly angry. Of course it’s fucking real. SEX POSITIVE HULK SMASH.

    • tegra

      It’s real, I do it fairly often, and it isn’t pee. I unfortunately don’t remember where I read this, but someone did an analysis and it was far closer to male ejaculate (minus the spermatozoa, obviously) than to urine. SO THERE. Someone did put it under a microscope, and it’s not pee.

    • Anna G

      It happened to me recently for the first time, it was more “dribble” than “squirt”. At least I now know that it happens to real people!

    • Lauren

      I’ve done it twice, and definitely not pee because when I pee it doesn’t feel that good. It wasn’t a crazy amount like it always seems to be in porn, but it was enough to know what just happened.

    • patty

      it is totally real, it has never happened to me but there has been one or two cases where i have gone down on my girlfriend and she came in mouth. No, it was not like the belgio fountains or sadly like the pool scene in showgirls but she did ejaculate with her orgasm. it was totally hot. oh and it wasnt pee…

    • magda

      I had this friend that worked in porn and he said that it was an industry secret that girls load up on water before shooting, I meaning filming… To this day i dont know if that means that they just drink a lot of water so that their pee is clear or if they literally hold water with in their vagina and then forcibly expell it. If its the latter than I believe I have a new life goal.

    • b3v

      oooh yes it happens. it does feel a bit like peeing, so the first time you freak, but it’s not the same color, texture or smell…and it only happens with a certain type of stimulation. I think what makes people doubt so much is the porn-type idea that it’s some kind of a fountain, exploding between your legs.

      it’s not. more like a bit of liquid.

    • Chloe

      It’s very real. Personally, I find it annoying- it doesn’t enhance my orgasm and gets my sheets all wet.
      Oh, and the awesome generous oral sex guy isn’t a myth either, seeing as I’m dating him. I guess I just have all the luck.

      • L

        Yeah that part about the generous guy kinda irked me for some reason. Reverse sexism sucks.

      • Geraldine

        It irked me too! Every single one of my male partners has been totally into giving oral, to the point where I’m sometimes like, “Please stop now”. Lady needs to find some nicer dudes.

    • Renae

      I would say it’s real. I’ve been able to achieve it via masturbation, and yes at first I thought it was pee, but I made sure to pee before hand and when it happened again it did not smell like pee. I can make myself do it many times given the right stimulus.

    • Amy

      I read a “one-rat study” where a woman took a pill that dyes urine blue. Then she had sex and examined the sheets after — some light blue appeared, but it was mostly all clear.

      No matter what it IS, it’s definitely real. For me it only happens during really hot and heavy G-spot action, and I think it’s pretty awesome. I don’t like laying in a big, cold puddle of it afterward, but in the moment it feels amazing.

    • Hardin Reddy

      It definitely happens. And it is so great when it does.

    • Hanna

      I am shocked by how many of these women you asked have no fucking clue about how their reproductive organs are built. For crying out loud, do your reading. Of course female ejaculation happens and it’s not pee. This is similarly embarrassing to believing you can’t get pregnant when you have sex for the first time or that tampons are a method of protection.
      As a rule, you can NEVER know too much about your vagina and how it works.

    • Jill T

      Yes…it is very real. Men ejaculate about 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon but women can ejaculate up to 2 cups. It is an odorless, colorless fluid. AND it usually accompanies a G-spot orgasm. The G-spot is located about 1.5 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the front side and is a bundle of nerves that become engorged with blood during arousal. Most women enjoy either a “come hither” motion applied with 2 fingers on the G-spot or some prefer a gentle tapping motion. Should you feel that you have to pee – don’t stop – keep going – as this bundle of nerves is adjacent to your bladder. Keep on & you will have a wonderful orgasm.

    • Abigail

      Of course it’s real, and I’ve had it happen during sex multiple times, with one particular partner. Clearly, most women you polled have no clue how their body works.

    • Pam

      it really happens! im able to achieve it..when my BF is standing and i lay in the bed with my legs bend on the bed… i just had that peeing feeling so i read you just had to let it go.. so i did it.. and a big squirt came all over my BFs face, i almost cry!! haha it was awesome!! its a very very intense orgasm!!
      so it really exists!! its not an urban legend.

      • janie

        the best thing to do is find those really thick blackets that are fleece pj bottoms and we lay them center of the action so that we don’t have to strip the entire bed… it gets way wet and feels so good.

    • Jamie

      I have ejaculated during masturbation before. I was far from gushing, but I would definitely call it squirting. The sensation is very similar to feeling like you really have to pee. The fluid was more milky than urine, though. I may have ejaculated during intercourse two or three times, but I didn’t have the visual confirmation.

    • Allison

      It’s kind of funny how many people don’t believe it happens. I’ve had it happen to me for about 2 years now but over the last few months the frequency has increased. Now it happens almost every other time when I have sex, and once in awhile through masturbation. It’s not as extreme as it is in porn but it does gush out quite suddenly and it feels very intense. I don’t know why so many people would assume it’s pee. Anyone who has ever experienced it or has seen/felt anyone do it should know it isn’t.

    • dani

      I’ve never had a guy get me off…but when I’m masturbating I have squirted before and even gushed some..not like in porn…but a lot of it and it comes out pretty fast…I always thought women could possibly do it..I never doubted that fact like these women do…

    • Geraldine

      I love how the comments were 1 million times more informative and interesting than the opinions in the slides on this one.

    • gail

      Where did you find these women? Yes it’s real. And it’s amazing.

    • Steph

      I have never done it, but that’s because I’ve always held it in for fear that I was actually going to pee. I may have to let go now to see what happens.

    • hannah

      of course it happens, its happened to me thousands of times during sex. it can happen anytime even in forplay, (depending on how good your partner is with his hands). all i can say is the first time it happened i could of easily died because it happened with my current boyfriend of whom i lost my virginity with and i didnt know what to do! it feels like your going to wet yourself and then all of a sudden it just comes out, ive had gushes of it a few times-like off porno’s- and the feeling is so intense its amazing. i always thought it was strange, but it really turns men on!

    • Julia

      I have always had very wet climaxes, it started when I was a teenager and I’m now 54! It often “spurts”out, sometimes it merely trickles out, but it is always clear, odourless and pretty well tasteless (yes, I’ve tasted it on my husband’s lips and fingers!). I can ejaculate several times in a session, sometimes the climaxes get so close together that I feel as though the fluid is just constantly dribbling out. Makes for a pretty big wet patch!

      • Dennis

        Julia, congrats on making this special for your partner. Once a man gets the hang of how to accomplish it the frequency definitely increases [though certainly not EVERY partner] has the ability.

      • omer

        It started when you were teenager ? what about now ? is it continuous what I mean you fell like that at any time you have sex or you miss some times of your life sex ?

      • Julia

        The only difference nowdays is that it sometimes takes me longer to reach that point, but my ejaculations are still just as pleasurable, just as copious and just as much of a thrill for my husband.

    • Rachel

      It definitely is possible. My boyfriend has caused me to “shejaculate” many times. One time we were having some fun before getting in the shower and we ended up standing in a huge pool of it – the entire floor was soaked! And now he jokingly calls me “Niagara Falls” when that happens haha. But yes, it can happen, and it is absolutely amazing…if he stimulates your G-spot it’s much more likely, though. Also, drinking lots of water helps, too (no, not because it’s pee – it definitely isn’t), because it increases your lubrication, making your orgasms easier and more pleasurable.

    • Patrick

      My wife was the first woman I’ve ever been with that has ejaculated. I’ve done a lot of research on the subject and studied female anatomy in detail. The liquid is produced by the “Skenes Glands”. Total G spot orgasm. Sometimes, depending on how excited she is, she squirts a huge amount, other times just a little. She almost drowned me once while going down on her.
      Although my wife is embarrassed by it, I happen to think it’s the hottest and most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced.

      • Janie

        The first time it happened to me I was so embarassed but my boyfriend was so flattered and turned on I knew it had to be right. Keep up the great job Patrick she must be very fulfilled.

    • The Rabbit

      I think it’s for real. Doing the right way of triggering the woman during Sex, there’s no reason for her not to ejaculate :)

    • carolyn

      yes, it’s definately real. The first time it happened to me I was so embarrased I said the waterbed must have a leak! Yiikes, how stupid is that? My then boyfriend loved it and felt it was a sign of doing something right. And I’ll tell you, that’s not the only thing he did right! I married him and it was everything a marraige should be. Unfortunately, he died last yeat. Never again will my waterbed leak.

      • Janie

        Sorry for your loss, truly I am. For me I think that this type of love making is the cllosest one can be. Letting go means body soul and mind.

    • suthrnboy

      I’ve read two posts on this site so far, and good god I feel sorry for people if they regularly get their info from here. Female ejaculation is NOT pee. It generally “comes” along with combined G-spot/clitoral stimulation, though, just like the other kind of orgasm, it is quite different for every woman.

    • Laura

      It is absolutely possible! I’ve squirted with a few men and they loved it. The women who haven’t experienced it yet well, you should try to have some better sex. Clearly you haven’t had an extremely mind-blowing, intense orgasm yet. They are AMAZING! You have to completely let down your guard, completely clear your mind and just let the sex take you away. Good luck to all you “squirting isn’t possible” believers!

      • Shanay

        It’s amazing… until you have to clean the sheets. It doesn’t come out very easily….

    • tia

      This for sure happens, but you have to learn how to do it. My boyfriend (at the time) was really into the idea so we had to look it up on a few forums and really read up on it. There are a few tricks. First, you have to completely relax and trust the person our with (at least for the learning period) because it is a pretty odd experience. Second, yes it does feel like you are going to pee but only for a second. You have to release that feeling and let it go in order to “shejaculate”. Third, be prepared for a lot of fluid, and in my experience it it does smell and taste different. Not odorless and tasteless like some people have been saying. To me it it slightly salty…but that could just do with diet?

    • Dan

      I’ve only had this happen with one girl and its definitely real. I was kind of shocked at first and then I said, hey, why not? Never happened again.

    • FiggyLeaf

      Ok, I know this sounds really naive, and I guess I am — I almost always experience “something” like squirting or gushing (a ot or a little wetness anyway) when I’m masturbating with a vibrator. I always assumed it was pee. But it recently happened with my (experienced) lover who was working my g-spot at the time, and I just knew that I was having the most incredible orgasm, but still don’t now whether it was ejaculation or pee. I was really embarrassed — and my bf just said that something was really wet. I would think that he would have experienced this (with other women) previously and would have known. I don’t know whether it was ejaculate or pee. Any opinions????

    • For real

      All of you are dumb and are pissing all over your boyfriends and bedsheets!! The squirting that happens in porn is fake and is just porn stars pissing all over their cast mates to satisfy the male EGO that he could make his partner ejaculate. Its the visual that men are aroused by. Its Completely ridiculous that people actually think this shit is real. There isn’t any gland that houses any such fluid that can or would produce such a thing as female ejaculation. And for those of you who have experienced this saying it isn’t urine…it comes out of the your urethra which is only connected to the bladder dumb asses and it is urine! Its not like in males. The crap you see in porn is not female ejaculation. The real female ejaculation is much less dramatic and is more like a fluid secretion or slight gushing of fluid, not the squirting of fluid you see in porn. That is pissing!!!

    • smithdidit

      Its real its happened to me but only with a certain person Its deffo not pee its more like when your waters break when you are havin babies

    • Alexa

      I’ve done it and it was clearly not pee. I liked it because I felt like I had come to completion, and my partners always seemed very proud.