Diet Lessons We Learned From Children’s Books

People are in a tizzy over the upcoming book targeted at 6 year olds, Maggie Goes on A Diet. Sure, maybe that’s “completely insane” but how else will kids be ready for topless photos in 4 years? Or lingerie right now? That aside, we’ve been learning how food will get you killed from children’s books since infancy. Here is what we’ve learned.

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    • Suze

      That’s just great. More things for girls to worry about. Because that’s exactly what they need at their young, formulative ages.

    • Fatima

      And this will be when we see a spike in anorexia?

    • Eileen

      You know, “cookies are a sometimes food” now.

    • Mishy

      I think this book is fantastic, it teaches young girls how to be healthy and that being overweight is nothing to be ashamed of and that good health is available to them. I wish I had something like this when I was young, as I was a chubby kid and teen and dealt with alot of polarizing feelings and shame. More kids need to learn about good health. I give it two thumbs up!

      • Hanna

        Yeah, well, that’s what parents are for. Teach their kids healthy eating and have an eye on their diet. I don’t think it’s reasonable to ask a 6 year old to make smart diet choices on her own if most grown-ups struggle with it.
        Besides, I don’t think all chubby kids are girls, on the contrary.