• Tue, Aug 23 2011

What Your Favorite Ladymag Says About You

Your favorite old-timey, printed on paper lady-mag, that is. Obviously TheGloss is your favorite online lady-mag, and that says that you have impeccable taste and love dinosaurs. Here’s what the first magazine you grab in the drugstore says about you:

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  • Eileen

    Good Housekeeping?

    I’ve been reading this since I was about ten. My mom used to get it. I think this says that I kind of want to be one of the women on Desperate Housewives. Oh, and you should know that I do know the rules of polo because I had to write a paper on it for gym class when I broke my leg.

  • liz


  • Jon

    Does reading NYLON make me a hipster?! I must know!

  • Alanna

    But what if I like Nylon and Glamour? WHAT DOES IT MEEEANNN? Mostly the Nylon bit, if it counts as a ladymag?

  • Alex

    Where is Harpers Bazaar???

  • Lindsey

    Southern Living?

  • willa_care

    Where’s Bitch?