How Do You Wash Your Bras?

Every bra-wearing lady knows the rules for the proper care of lingerie: you’re supposed to wash your bras by hand, in cold water, in the evenings, while waiting for your home perm to set and a man to put a ring on your finger. But does anybody really do that?

I’ll admit that this question is born out of my own insecurity, because I wash my bras on handwash in the washing machine. Even as we speak, they’re in there, and goddamit, they’re not even in a lingerie bag.

The reason I do them in the machine is that honestly, if I waited until I felt the urge to wash my bras by hand, they would never get washed. That is the sad truth. I’m really lazy that way.

So, what about you? Are you a lazy piece like me, or do you actually sit there, outside, with a basin and birds alighting on your shoulder, singing in a high soprano and washing your bras by hand?

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    • Kelly

      I don’t really mind hand washing but when I’m feeling particularly lazy, I use Soak detergent. You literally just mix it up with water, shove your bras in, wait a while, and hang dry. You don’t have to sit there agitating it the whole time, or rinsing it out when you’re done. It’s so awesome.

    • M

      Back when I lived with a top-loading washer, I did a fake in-machine hand-wash. Namely I’d put in a load of laundry [no bras] and once the machine filled with water and started agitating, I’d swish my bras in the soapy water and then rinse them in the sink. My friend taught me, and it is the laziest, awesomest method ever. Now I live with a front-load washer and, being lazy, just put them in on ‘handwash’. That’s the same thing, right?

    • CNM

      I had a conversation (well, it was more of an admonishment really) with a sales clerk at a local lingerie shop. She was SCANDALIZED that I put my bras and underwear on the regular wash cycle along with all my other less-worthy clothes. But she then revealed that washing them on the delicate cycle with cold water and Woolite was acceptable. I did take her advice and use the machine method and I go through the added hassle of drying them on a line. That poor clerk almost had a heart attack at the thought of skivvies being abused in a heated dryer.

    • magda

      I usually machine wash, BUT I NEVER EVER put them in the dryer. It messes up the wires and they never seem to hold their shape as well.

      • sigh

        Every time I go to put my bras in the dryer I hear that bit from Hedwig and the Angry Inch where Hedwig screams, “never put a bra in a dryer! It warps!”, and I put them on the laundry line instead.

    • N

      Sports bras for the win. Machine-washable too, no wires poking out and leaving bruises, and no worrying about perfect sizing. Plus they come in non-racerback designs that don’t peek out anymore than wire bras.

    • Danielle

      I had wash every time. Like one of the other posters mentioned, I always think of Hedwig screaming about not putting bras in the dryer. After many years of ruining expensive clothes I am convinced the dryer is evil and should not be used often. Here’s a link to one of my favorite laundry related websites:

      Hand washing may not save you time but it will save you money.

    • Eileen

      Hand-wash, in the sink, with detergent and – for the white ones – bleach. Except sports bras; those go through the washer but not the dryer.

    • Sara B.

      I hand wash mine while I shower with my loofah. I totally agree with Danielle that the washer and dryer destroy my clothes.

    • m

      Washing machine in a lingerie bag on delicate cycle. Line dry. I would love to say that I would hand wash, but it’s never going to happen.

    • Gwen

      My fiance washes my bras. Because he enjoys doing laundry. So I’d have to ask him.