Black Walls: How Do You Feel?

Black walls used to be the sole province of the angry teen. But now, it appears as though something unsanctioned may be encroaching on that sacred unity of can, brush and rage…something like…yuppie adults.

Apartment Therapy reports from the front lines, suggesting that black walls may be the new white for decorators and layfolk who are getting tired of all that cheery white, blue and yellow shit. What does this mean for adolescent angst the country over? No one can say. But in the meantime, how do you feel? (Check out more pics here.)

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    • kind of a yuppie

      When I was in high school (maybe about 6 years ago) I painted my bedroom walls black w/ a bluish undertone exactly like the pic above and I still like it. I was never an angsty teen but kind of a yuppie. That room above is totally my style too, save for a few details.

      I don’t know what that means for adolescent angst. Luckily, the realms of black light posters, reptile terrariums and incense are safe from yuppie adults (for now).