10 Things He (Secretly) Hates About You

Your man loves you. He tells you all the time, he looks at you with dopey, adoring eyes, and he will give you foot massages whenever you want. Because he loves you. You are the best. He cannot help himself.

You love him, too. Even though he snores. Even though he could shower more often. Even though his ex-girlfriend is a psychopath and his best friend is a womanizing asshole. You love him!

But you’re not perfect. Actually, there’s plenty about you that pisses him off. But don’t worry — every flaw has its silver lining.

Click “View slideshow” for the top 10 list of things you do he can’t stand, and the cute flaws he can’t help but love.

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    • Jaclyn

      I love that breast pads count as makeup supplies. Nothing says sexy like giant, swollen breastfeeding titties.

    • Rose

      My boyfriend does love my TV shows. Probably coz I watch Top Gear and that’s it…

    • sigh

      The Gloss, I love you, but seriously, what the hell is this?

      • Amy

        Seconded. Have we stumbled into Cosmo?

      • Rose

        Do 15 year old’s read The Gloss?? This screams Cosmo.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I believe you might want to check the women’s magazine cover that reads “ten things he secretly loves about you.”

    • Debbie

      Secretly? My boyfriend openly hates all these things I do and lets me know!

      • Caroline

        All of them seem agreeable except the baby talk one though.. My boyfriend loovves it when I talk in a cute way, like a baby..He immediately kisses me saying cutie pie ;) Makes me adorable..But I do it only when just the both of us are hanging out and when none of our friends are around, so he feels special when I do that :)

    • Jenny

      That Waiting for Godot image just slayed me

    • wynn

      its nice to see young men and women at their best, but you better love her for what’s inside rather than her beauty because someday beauty on outside will diminsh but beauty on inside will grow and always be there, take it from someone who knows.

    • jac

      II don’t mind any of these things except for the awful tv shows thing. ABC Family, The CW, and Lifetime have got to be the worst networks on television.

      And what sane person talks about their ex frequently infromt of their partner? That is psychotic.