Do You Have A Favorite Ironic Item?

I have a snuggie. I think it started out being this “hahaha, ironic!” thing, but now it’s just a warm fuzzy arm-blanket that really lets me sip tea in peace. It’s the best. Unlike the lady in thisillustration, however, I rarely wear my ironic/now serious item out in public. Except to fashion week, where it is important to be fashionable. Another office favorite includes a sweater which reads “Cowy Potter and the Goblet of Milk” – the owner notes “it’s the shirt I got the most compliments on in college.” Because Harry Potter looked like a cow. That’s funny. You can buy one here, which I will be doing, in preparation for fashion week. If you are an interesting person who owns interesting things, please feel free to share.

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      I have two muumuus I use as PJs/lounging-around-the-house wear/cover-up for smoking on the patio. It was never intended ironically: an aunt got me the first one [it's technically a nightshirt but really it's a muumuu] years ago, and it is so comfy I could not stop wearing it. And also because it’s so comfy my boyfriend could not stop stealing it. So I got him his own for his birthday/our anniversary this past July, as well as another matching blue one for myself so I have more options.

      Because I am mean [and he'll never see this page anyway], here is a picture of him in his: He just went back to school about a week and a half ago, and I have yet to find out how his roommate feels about this new development.