Kim Kardashian’s Bridesmaids Wore White, We Were Offended

Now that we’ve all seen the pictures of Kim Kardashian’s wedding, I have to admit that I’m starting to really regret ever saying that her invitations were tasteful. Because while I sort of stand by that sentiment, nothing else about the ceremony was even remotely toned down or classy, and I’m feeling like I was a little bit duped.

Give someone an inch.

Anyway, the most egregious offense of the evening, in my opinion, was the fact that all of Kim’s bridesmaids/sisters wore white. I find this to be an incredibly tacky decision. Maybe it’s because they all look like wedding gowns, and wedding dresses tend to cost ten times as much as bridesmaids dresses, so it’s sort of a disgusting display of excess. Or maybe it creeps me out because of it’s overly literal implication that Kris Humphries is marrying her whole family.

I’m not really sure. But I am curious: what do you think about white (or off-white) bridesmaids dresses?

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    • Cassie

      Of all the things you could have gone with, you think the bridesmaids gowns were tacky?…

      Uhhh, ok. They were actually the only thing I liked…I thought it was rather sweet actually, because Kim is always portrayed as needing to be the center of attention, so it seemed like a little in-joke type of thing. But, okay.

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        Really? I guess you’re giving them the benefit of the doubt, but…yeah, I still think they’re tacky.

    • Cassie

      Ehhh, those dresses would have been stupid expensive regardless of color. Frankly I’m just surprised at the distinct lack of bedazzling going on there.

    • miinxi

      Im having my bridesmaids in cream, but my dress is closer to gold than anything ( that I think its really classy rather than having bright blue or something, but with ALL white dresses I think it was OTT and she needed to stand out a little bit, instead she kind of blends in.

    • lesliemd

      My parents got married in 1954, and my mother’s bridesmaids wore white ballerina-length dresses with flowers in their hair, and the men wore white dinner jackets with black pants and black bow ties. Since all their pictures were in black & white, it is an elegant wedding party and I treasure their album.

      • Carolen

        it’s not 1954 anymore, they have color photography now…

    • Eileen

      You guys REALLY need to get over this “white bridesmaid dresses is a big deal” thing. Especially with the English weddings, because it’s traditional for English bridesmaids to wear white dresses, just like the bride. It is not a fashion move that Pippa Middleton set; it is just what they wear. Check the wedding scene in Love Actually if you don’t believe me. But even in this case, it was a black-and-white wedding. Lots of women wore white dresses; why not the bride’s mother and sisters? Moreover, the dresses were pretty and flattering, which a lot of bridesmaid dresses aren’t, and it’s way tackier to force your sisters to wear ugly dresses to make you look better. What’s with this “outshining the bride” shit, anyway? It’s your wedding. People came because they love you and want to celebrate the fact that you’re getting married.

      Finally, I was in a wedding a few years ago, and not only did all the bridesmaids and flower girls wear white dresses, we wore white dresses made out of the same fabric as the bride’s. They were really pretty, and everyone raved about how beautiful the whole wedding was. And, yes, they could correctly identify the couple getting married, even with the distraction of six extra women and girls in white dresses.

      It’s totally possible that I am letting my annoyance get out of control, but come on. Of all the reasons to pick on Kim Kardashian’s wedding, you pick the color of her bridesmaids’ dresses (that looked great on them)?

      • Kerry

        I’m English and this is not the case for most weddings

    • Melissa

      You know what’s actually tacky?

      Deconstructing someone else’s wedding (someone that you don’t even know, mind you, but that barely matters at this point), piece-by-piece, just to pass judgement.

      That’s super fucking tacky.

      Who the fuck are you? The wedding police? The color of the bridesmaids’ dresses *offended* you? Really?! Who cares that grandmothers and little girls are being raped in Sudan, when you can work yourself into a fit over the color of Kim Kardashian’s bridesmaid dresses?

      • Amy

        Seriously? Are you joking?! If you really care about the atrocities in the Sudan why aren’t you spending your free time on the Amnesty website, or the Red Cross Website, or the UN website, or starting a petition or a letter-writing campaign to increase foreign aid or to expand the intervention of NATO? WTF are you doing reading a satirical gossip site and posting vitriol cos you don’t like the content?!!

        The dresses are ridiculously overdone like everything else the Kardashians do and they have presented themselves for critiquing by selling the pics to the press for $1.5 mill. After that, they’d expect commentary on all aspects of the wedding (unless they’re so stupid they assume everyone would absolutely love everything they’ve done). If you don’t want to read about it, don’t. I’m sure the Sudanese would love you to spend the extra time on furthering their cause.

      • Abigail

        Melissa- You are freaking awesome. :D

      • Goldie

        You know what else is tacky? Getting on the wrong train and then blaming the conductor. Have you been to the internet before? Because I think you are lost. The THISISNOTIMPORTANTENOUGH police thread is thataway. Or are you just making the rounds to educate the world on what topics are worthy of discussion? How generous. You’re just like Angelina Jolie (you know this is not her blog, right?). Anyway, you’ve got like a billion other sites to visit. Better get a hustle on.

      • Anna

        I knew you would come back to us! :D

      • The Wedding Police

        I am reporting this comment thread to the Department of Tackiness.

    • Elizabeth

      I don’t think the color of the dresses is the source of the problem.

    • Willow

      We won’t actually know why Kim chose to have her bridesmaids in white untill the air it on E! I’m disappointed by her choice of the dresses as they do look like wedding dresses in that colour. Tacky isn’t the right choice of words though. Each to their own but i must say i was expecting…MORE

    • Abigail

      I would say you are more tacky for beating her up for her choice. I’m sure (if you had a wedding) there would be dozens of things that people would be making fun of. It’s true for ALL weddings.

    • Jan

      I think they’re tacky too, everything Kim Kardashian does is tacky & lacks taste, this is no exception

    • Jan

      BTW for someone who made millions of dollars on their wedding & made headlines about having dresses designed by vera wang etc, her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses are incredibly boring!!

    • carl

      The one thing the wedding party could have incorporated was Summersox. They would have kept their feet from slipping and sliding without being seen.

      • Raerae

        A bit presumptuous. Are we sure they weren’t using summersox?

      • Lo

        White summersox, all of them. I am appalled.

    • jane

      Historically, bridesmaids were meant to confuse evil spirits that might have wanted to harm the bride. They would dress like the bride so the spirits couldn’t identify her and would then give up and go away. Same for the groomsmen. Maybe Kim likes history? Or is scared of spirits?

    • Raerae

      You guys! This was only her first try at this. Make no mistake, she’ll have at least three more weddings in her life time! Maybe her next one will be all “MORE” and “bedazzling”?

      • Anna

        I believe it was her 2nd try…

    • Kelly

      I love the idea of white bridesmaids dresses. I think it’s very elegant and minimal. These particular dresses I’m not a fan of just because they look like they too could be wedding dresses, and the top is almost identical to Kim’s. But I don’t think it’s tacky by any means.

    • Olivia

      They all look beautiful, but I personally don’t like white bridesmaid dresses or black and white weddings in general. To each her own (and it really was a beautiful wedding), but I’m surprised Kim didn’t want to stand out a bit more.

    • Eve

      I’m not crazy about the look, but I’m not offended by it. Wedding colors vary from culture to culture– in some countries, the bride wears black! I’m having a black-and-white wedding because it’s simple and saves a lot of stress over making sure colors don’t clash. I probably won’t see my matron of honor until a day or two before the wedding (she lives six hours away), so it’s a lot easier to tell her, “Just wear a black dress you feel pretty in” than trying to determine whether her salmon or turquoise dress looks the same in person as it does in a JPEG and whether it will go with the centerpieces.

      • Claudia

        Very true, in some cultures all white is wore only to funerals.

    • Marta

      Its their attempt at class by copying the royal wedding; not very original, interesting or worth looking at. Kim is a porn star turned reality tv person, style, taste or class really isn’t her area of expertise and this was all for a tv show (one that I will not be watching).

    • Claudia

      Take a chill pill! Tacky or not, why would you be offended? Sure you can pass judgement on the style and taste of the Kardashians, we all do, but I don’t see where the “offence” is. It’s not your wedding and pretty certain Kim didn’t pick white specifically to annoy you. If anyone should be offended at other people wearing white, it’s the bride. If she’s OK with it, then it’s really nobody else’s business.

      Personally I think the bridesmaid dresses are prettier’s than the bride’s dress, surprised at Kim’s choice, but respect the bride’s choice (if it was her choice, have a high suspecsion that Kris Jenner had something to do with this…), will just have to find out when the show airs.

    • Rob

      If the purpose of white wedding gown is to display the purity of the virgin bride then 99% of all weddings are lame by your standards. So if your worried about tradition then move on and let them have the white brides maid dresses. Good God the haters need to get a life.

    • Grace

      What’s up with Kylie’s awkward arm. It’s just hanging there, she’s not even arm in arm w/ Kendall

    • Army

      Don’t listen to any of these people, there is alot of jealousy in this world, I think you and your sisters look beautiful, being yourselves is what makes you so special, I love the way you take care of each other, and that is what family is all about, I pray that God will protect you all against all evil, and blesses you with the desirers of your hearts. God Bless You and Your Family.

    • Heather

      It’s tacky to wear white to a wedding if you are a guest and the bride didn’t ask all the guests to wear black or white. It is not tacky for bridesmaids to wear whatever damn color the bride tells them to wear–it’s her wedding. If she wants everyone in white, then everyone should wear white and thank the lord they aren’t wearing some god-awful shade of pastel pink.

    • Baheya

      I think it’s an insult to the bride. The bride is the only one whose supposed to wear white because she’s the center of attention. This picture makes them look like they’re posing for an ad in a bridal magazine not attending a wedding. I was honestly very curious about the color of the bridesmaid dresses. They were a disappointment!

    • Cruella

      It’s all been about freebies, money and media.
      Wondering whether the love can last the distance.

    • Virginia

      Not trying to be rude or anything, but who cares? If Kim Kardashian wants to have white bridesmaids dresses then she can darn well do whatever she wants. She’s Kim Kardashian. And honestly, in the long run, no one cares whether or not some famous person’s wedding offended a fashion/gossip/whatever the hell this is site.

      Maybe we should be worrying more about starving children than the color of Kim K’s bridesmaids dresses. Just saying.

      • Kate

        This is a blog about fashion/beauty/women’s issues. Starving children don’t really make for an entertaining blog or speak to the subject matter. If you don’t like the theme, don’t visit the site.

        Someone is always going to be discussing the frivolities. It might as well be The Gloss.

      • Kelly

        Why are you on the internet reading articles about Kim Kardashian instead of worrying about the starving children?

    • Nicole

      White wedding gowns are a relatively new phenomenon as brides wore dark colored gowns until its introduction in 1840 by Queen Victoria.

      Also, bridesmaids’ original purpose was protection for the bride. It was believed that evil spirits and/or pirates would steal the bride away on the way to the ceremony. The bridesmaids wore white to conceal the bride’s identity. So maybe Kim’s into old school superstition… either way, it’s her wedding and her choice. If you’re that offended, don’t look.

    • dani

      pippa wore white too, were you just as offended?

    • Jill

      Who was the other bridesmaid? Clearly not one of the sisters seen in the family picture above…