Real Talk: What Is The Hottest Movie Sex Scene?

Sometimes a sex scene is necessary for character development. Sometimes a sex scene is genuinely provocative. Most of the time, a sex scene is just an opportunity for the world to see a famous lady’s breasts. Here are some of your favorites, from the subtle and art-y to the purely hot to that time thousands of teenage boys were devastated by Neve Campbell not getting naked in Wild Things.

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    • Jowee

      every sex scene in Unfaithful… especially the bathroom scene. Plus, I’m completely in lust with Olivier Martinez. SO HOT!

      • Jen

        YES!! I was thinking the same thing. The bathroom or the hallway scene when they couldn’t even wait to get into his apartment..

      • Jordan

        In Lust with OLIVIER MARTINEZ!!!!

      • Amy

        Absolutely!! Every sex scene in that was so hot.

    • Eve

      Guys, check out the scenes in Lust, Caution – they’re up there with Hilary Swank for character progression!

      And, you know, they’re waaaaaay hot

    • Sara

      I am also going to nominate The Lover, which isn’t that well known but has some of the most amazing sex scenes I’ve ever seen.

    • Baker Girl

      As an classic movie fanatic and Clark Gable FANATIC I love the fact you have It Happened One Night on the list. When Gable didn’t have an under shirt on it made the sale of undershirts plummet for years (until Marlon Brando and the “STELLA” scene in Streetcar another hot scene.) But, for all you classic movie buffs look for Gable and Jean Harlow in Red Dust. Again, another 30′s movie but at one point Harlow is bathing in a rain barrel and Gables eyes and face looking at her … just … wow. That’s how men should look at naked women!!!!

    • Linda

      I know! I can’t believe Unfaithful wasn’t on the list!