The 5 Kinds Of Dates You Go On In College

It occurs to us that this a week a where some of our readers might be returning to college. And there will soon follow the inevitable trend story about how “kids just don’t date anymore!” (A NYT staple since 1985). Kids do date, they just don’t go on bizarre blind dates orchestrated by matchmakers (sometimes they do. Patti Stanger makes uncomfortable dreams happen). You will almost certainly end up on one of the following dates in your time at college if you haven’t already. Spoiler: most of them are terrible!

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    • Eve

      Haha, love the Donkey Diner callback. I’ve been on dates with guys who think they’re in a quirky indie film written by someone who wants to impress you with his pop-culture savvy and cleverness, the kind of film where two twenty-ish white people having coffee and talking about Kurt Vonnegut in a Manhattan cafe is supposed to be the most interesting thing ever.

    • Maris

      There is also the date where you watch a movie at his place. Please note that this only counts as a date during college when it is a BIG deal to get the invite to watch a movie and then hook up rather than just hook up. It means he has FEELINGS for you. Your friends will help you pick out the perfect yoga pants and douse yourself in bronzer and perfume so that you seem “natural.”

    • Joanna Arcieri

      There is also the “date”, when you and a friend go to dinner together and then everyone assumes you’re dating and/or a lesbian. This happened to me… but I also went to a really small women’s college.

    • hunter nard

      hahaha,mother fucker talga ang buhay hoo,bakit kaya ganito ito kung makaangas sya no parang wala sa kanyang sarili.,ahahahaha..