How To Respond When People Tell You “You Look Tired”

Why do you look so tired? Is it because people like to make negative statements about your appareance in a completely unnecessary way? Why do people ask dumb questions? More importantly, how should you respond? Like this!

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    • Kelly

      In other news, I need to know where to get rainbow squirrel PJs.

      • M

        ME TOO. Seems like an excellent cold-weather alternative to my usual kitty-print muumuu.

    • Heavenly Bottoms

      This post is so on point! That is the single most insulting question one could ask other than ‘how many months are you’–and you’re not even prego..BTW, those pj’s & that pillow thingy in slide four are adorbs #Snuggles

    • Ninargh

      Wow. Kate Moss had a LONG night.

    • Trista

      I usually respond with a snarky “wow, thanks!”. And then they usually stammer something like “I didn’t mean that in a bad way!” And back slowly out of my office. Works every time.

    • M

      I’ve had people say that to me a few times, and I generally responded with ‘That’s because I didn’t sleep’. It was frequently true. They didn’t really have an answer to that.

      Re: the boss one. The couches in our office are technically futons. And we have blankets. The other day one of my coworkers looked so wiped out that my boss folded out one of the futons, laid out a blanket, fluffed another into a functional pillow, and told her ‘I BAN YOU FROM DOING ANY WORK FOR THE NEXT HOUR now take a nap.’ So hey, it can happen.

    • Alanna

      I actually have that pillow in slide 4:)

    • Krista

      i LOVE LOVE LOVE the advice on the last slide :-)

    • Chloe

      This whole slide show is nothing but over reactions… what’s the big deal? If I look tired… maybe I am! And if someone notices it, it just may be concern! Gosh! It’s not like someone is telling me that I am hideously ugly… there are people dying out there.. the author needs to get a life!

      • Canaduck

        Speaking of “over reactions”, your comment is a pretty good example of one.

    • Shannon

      I love this slide!!! I’ve said something like the dinosaur one before. AND IT’S NOT OVERREACTING!!!! It’s just funny.

    • ZIM?

      what slide? i can’t see anything but pictures.