Men Like Brunettes, Do You Care?

The age-old (or at least since the 1950′s) saying goes that gentlemen prefer blondes. But according to a new survey, that’s actually an out-and-out lie, concocted to sell bleach products to gullible housewives*.

The poll was conducted by social network site Badoo, and found that among British men, 33.1 percent said they find brown hair the most attractive, 29.5 percent preferred blondes, 28.6 liked black hair best, and 8.8 loved redheads.

Of course, this age-old question begs another age-old question: do you care? I think that a survey of women  — which I’ve never seen done — might reveal that women choose their hair color based on what looks best with their skin tone, not what men like. And I’d wager that if men were given such a nuanced query, they’d pick (whether they knew it or not) “what looks best with her skin tone” as well.

We all know that one girl, for example, with the olive skin who went blonde, or the chick with the pink undertones who chose an unfortunate shade of mousy brown. (Actually, that was me. By accident. Once.)

So, what do you think? Do men’s opinions carry any weight at all when it comes to what you do with your hair color?

*That’s not really true, at least as far as we know.

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    • Cass

      The opinions of men have never carried any weight in my hair color decisions. I change my hair because I want to and I’ve been all over the board too — blonde, red, brown, pink. What I have noticed though, is that I definitely get more attention from men when my hair is blonde (which is kind of a deterrent since I don’t like being ogled by gross men).

      • OG

        I’ve noticed the same thing. I also prefer myself blonde, but get taken more seriously as a brunette.

      • Sarah

        The exact opposite happened to me, when I went Brunette I got so much more attention from guys (like crazy attention). But as a blonde I get less. But I’m naturally blonde and definitely look much better with blonde hair so maybe it’s being more approachable and less ice queeny that does it??

        Guys answers are probably more, men thinking about the connotations that the associate with different hair colours, ie sensual and intelligent brunettes vs sometimes trashy and yelllow toned peroxide blondes than their actual perceptions of real life people of different hair colours.

    • Abigail

      First of all, why do they keep doing these surveys in England? Who the F cares about what British guys think? We don’t live there! Why would I spend time trying to impress them. Secondly, I don’t care what men think of my hair. Sometimes I do blonde, other times I do brunette, other times I’m a red head. It has to do with the season and my emotions, not to do with a guy.

      • Tania

        Maybe because, gee, they linked to a UK magazine which wouldn’t care what American men prefer?

        I hope you’re being sarcastic and not a terrible American stereotype with this comment.

      • MeggyWeggy

        Monocultural American is monocultural.

    • Meh

      Yeah, I don’t think it matters about what men think. If you feel confident about the way you look that’s way more attractive than you’re hair.

      - Someone who just dyed their hair from brown (number one) to red (dead last)

    • Eileen

      Anyone have stats on the most prevalent hair colors among women? I feel like they might match up to the color-preference percentages.

      As for me, I’m Asian. I have brown hair. I would look awful with blonde or red hair. I would not want to date a man who preferred me with red or blonde hair because it would exhibit a serious lack of taste and judgment on his part.

    • Marian T. Librarian

      The saying is quite a bit older than the movie: Anita Loos’ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was published in 1925. (And the sequel was called But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, so…)

    • Steph

      I wouldn’t change my hair color based on men’s reactions. I did it because I felt like it. If a guy really didn’t like my hair color and wanted me to change it, he’d be dumped in a heartbeat.

    • Lang

      Actually, they also conducted the study in France, Spain, and USA too. As well as some other countries I can’t remember right now.

    • MeggyWeggy

      I’ve gone red before, and nearly-black brown, but never blond. I’d look silly with blond hair and my skintone.

      So, there’s my vote.

    • Tanya

      I’m also Asian, but I think looking good with new hair has more to do with styling and attitude than just colour alone. What scares me horrendously, though, are girls who wear “big eye” contact lenses, fake lashes, and have really unnatural looking hair on a daily basis.

    • LinSki

      I am fed up with all this ”brunettes” malarkey! As a natural ”dark blond” haired lady I find that I look quite weird when i dye my hair dark brown/black. I have a combo of blue/gray/green eyes and very pale skin, I NEVER tan, might sound nice, but I look AWFUL in brunette photos of me. Blonde seens to suit me much more,. I dye at home but it’s a lovely even colour no yellow bits and I make sure the roots are always topped up and use conditioner. My hair is lovely. I am never one to court attention these days but I always find I get more as blonde. Brunette I become invisible.

    • Queen Jess

      I’m a brunette I haven’t had a bf my sisters a redhead and she gets noticed by the guys she has a bf . MY other friends are blonde and they have bfs . So nobody notices me redheads and blondes get all the attention.