Gallery: Lady Gaga Naked & Tied Up For Vogue Hommes Japan

A year after Lady Gaga posed for Vogue Hommes Japan (remember the cover?), some very naked and slightly racy Polaroids from the shoot have leaked. Yes, these outtakes may be late to the party, but if you enjoy Lady Gaga, cigarettes and light BDSM, you’re in for a real treat.

BE WARNED: The final photo of the gallery shows Gaga’s upper half in all its (edge of) glory.

(via Yeeeah!)

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    • Tedrien Nicholas

      Hey ummm……looks like she needs a good, supportive bra. Yeah. :) np: Fashion Of His Love. hahaha!

    • n s c

      looks like she took madonna’s cue

    • Connor

      she’s got some droopy tits and a weird looking pussy I wouldn’t fuck her

    • mike kimie

      i love lady gaga becouse he gagah

    • MadMadamGee

      All I can take away from this is that Lady Gaga probably smokes way too much.