Sink Or Swim: Anne Hathaway In Alexander McQueen At The London Premiere Of One Day

So, One Day came out and people have mixed feelings. You know what else they have mixed feelings about? Anne Hathaway’s white Alexander McQueen dress at the film’s London premiere. For one, some may wonder if this is an awkward length on her? Too short? Too long? Too flounced?

Part of me really likes this dress and the pretty throwback silhouette. The other part of me thinks the shoes are woefully mismatched and the piles of jewelry on her wrist feel very grandma-ish, which sinks the overall look. Let’s discuss!

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    • E.D.

      Hate the shoes (hate stripper platforms in general) but everything else is great!

    • Ali

      The length bothers me! Personally I would like it more if it ended more at the knees, but otherwise it’s lovely.

    • Karen

      The dress is lovely but the shoes really don’t work with it.

    • Cristina

      I agree, Ali. The length is awkward. I also definitely would have gone with a different shoe. Otherwise the dress is absolutely gorgeous.

    • Laura

      The length is awful, I am tall so often when I try on dresses they hit my leg there and I deem them an off length and don’t guy them.

      The shoes are definitely a mismatch although I am not turned off by the bracelets.

      But my word that length!

    • Gidget

      I like the dress overall. That said,the neckline is off- it would be better if it was more of a ballerina. Also the dress would look much better if the shoes were more dainty. Those shoes look like she borrowed them on the way in. They do not match the feel of the dress at all.

    • Zoe

      Love the dress, HATE the shoes. They don’t go at all!