Watch The Cast Of Glee Mercilessly Butcher David Bowie’s “Fashion”

Fashion’s Night Out is coming and someone commissioned the cast of Glee to cover “Fashion” by David Bowie. If you can’t watch videos at work, just imagine everything you love about a David Bowie song and then take those parts away. Basically, the words are the same and Lea Michelle’s therem mugging shamelessly in sparkly Balmain.

Cleanse your brain:

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    • Abigail

      Besides being a little silly, I think the video was fine, although I hate David Bowie, so I find his original version wierd and a bit creepy. I think this the article was all around a bit critical.

    • Kate

      Dear god their cover IS awful. How in the world you derive their version from Bowie’s I have no idea.

    • kk

      Where is Santana??

    • Kj

      I have never watched Glee…. and now I’m glad I don’t.



      That is all.