This Might Be The Worst Thing You Can Say After A First Date

Call me gullible, but I think that this text message exchange actually happened. And I thank God for it.

Anyway, it’s the worst thing you can say, but then let’s be real, it’s followed by the best. Way to save face by being hilarious, “Chris.”

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    • Abigail

      It is my personal belief that any person who sends a screwed up text message deserves it, because they didn’t spell check. I double check EVERY text I send before I send it to make sure it says what I want.

      • Kait

        I think that’s kind of harsh. I’ve got an iPhone and auto correct always changes the strangest things (one time, it was “dude” to “dysentery”). Good for you for spell checking, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be so embarrassed, especially when (like in this situation) he was just trying to be cute.

    • Elle

      I agree. I think people who make embarrassing typos like that do it in purpose to be funny, because normal people look at their screen as they’re typing and actually notice if auto-correct changes a word to something ridiculous. If this is from Damn You Auto Correct, then it’s most likely fake, but as usual this fucking site didn’t list the source. Isn’t that considered plagiarism?

      • Arina

        geez Elle

    • Jen

      I wonder if he jumped off the bridge.

    • Chelsea

      There have been times where i don’t notice… like i’m walking down the street or talking to someone while I’m txting… I think that was cute! Embarrassing but cute.

    • Alyssa

      I think this is hilarious. Some of you people need to lighten up and get off your high horses. Typos happen. End of story. Have a little fun with life!

    • Amanda

      I agree Kait