How Long Before Someone Tries To Mine The Diamond Planet?

I’m going to go ahead and address the first question that I assume is on your mind, which is, no, I have not at long last suffered a crippling break with reality that’s caused me to start thinking that hit Beatles songs are the news stories of the day. There is, in fact, a diamond planet. They just found it. Really.

So now that that’s out of the way, of course we’re all wondering who will be the first to try to mine this heavenly body. This is not to say that I know whether it’s possible to mine or not, or indeed, whether anyone knows it, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking, “hey, that’s a big rock.”

All that remains to be seen is who will attempt to ruin it before anyone else.

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    • Odbery

      The article says it’s 4000 light years away so any mining efforts would be in the distant future.

    • Shaun Novak

      Even if the diamond were mined, the worth of regular old diamond would be nothing. Who wants Earth diamond when they can have space diamond. The price of jewlery would probably go down, if only a little. However, (after tests to assure safety) the diamonds from this planet would be priceless!

    • Missed.

      Who cares how far off mining is in the future. Just leave it alone!! Do we as humans NEED to destroy every beautiful thing in existance?! This is a fucking planet made out of diamond. Supposedly, but either way it’s cool and should be left be. we don’t need to mine it. We don’t have to destroy it. I mean, am I really alone on this when I say that we don’t need any more reasons for some stupid powder puff fucking celeb being any more snotty on this planet because now they have space diamond. I’m important because I have this. Look at this. It’s shiny, expencive and I own it. Fuck off with it. If it is what it is, it happened on it’s own. Leave it be. You’re damn right it’d be really awesome to see, but I for one hope we never make it there. It’ll be only one more awesome thing destroyed by greedy fucking people.

    • Eileen

      Raise your hand if you read the news piece and immediately thought of Fitzgerald’s “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz.”

      *raises hand*

      Come on; it can’t be just me; you guys make Fitzgerald references all the time!

    • Gimmy

      This article does not report the full story, including the fact that one of the scientists who discovered it said that due to the nature of its structure, dropping a brick on its surface could cause an immense explosion equivalent to an atomic bomb exploding. Implying that mining it will probably present some difficulties. I think the diamond planet wins.

      • Diana

        I do believe that we should leave the diamond planet alone. Though there are industrial uses for it, the synthetic diamond does well enough. And no piece of jewellery is worth the damage.

        That being said, Gimmy, the article mentions 2 celestial bodies: the star (the pulsar) which was being studied and the planet that orbits it, which is made of a diamond-like material. It’s the pulsar that would create the explosion, not the planet. So from that point of view, it can technically be done. As soon as we figure out how to go into hyperspace. Again, not that I think we should.

    • Holly

      I, however, am more concerned about what the Dark Princess is going to do about this….

    • universe lover

      My opinion is that no one should claim or destroy anything in the universe. They do not belong to the human race. They belong to mother nature. Nature changes every seconds. Whatever new objects are formed in the universe, they have their purpose in forming and for being there which is beyond the human race’s understanding. Human race are destroying their own beautiful planet earth so let’s leave the beautiful universe alone.

    • darthpickley

      who cares about diamonds? they are nothing but a special, dense, hard arrangement of carbon atoms. It’s not special except for use in science as far as I care, and jewelry is one of the silliest applications for it. Why would it be mined?

      Why not think about it scientifically, or contemplate how it might look – it probably is very beautiful, like so many other astronomical objects.