Queen Latifah (And I) Want Kate Middleton To Go Biker For A Day

I really wish that I had been the one to think of this. In an interview at New York magazine’s The Cut blog, Queen Latifah is asked how she’d style Kate Middleton if she had the chance. She responded with this:

I’d probably give her a pair of my skinny moto jeans and a fresh moto jacket with a cool tank, and I’d probably get her a nice pair of Ralph Lauren boots, throw her on a cool-ass motorcycle and tell her to go. But that’s just me. I’m standing in New York, looking over the city, and I like to see a little ruggedness.

I mean, right? The thing is that that’s such a fucking good call. I would describe Kate as athletic-looking, and that body type does tend to look great in a skinny jean and a motorcycle boot. Here’s hoping that the next time she steps out to a royal function she does so with a little leather in the mix.

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    • Laura

      Whether or not she’d look good in it isn’t really the point though. The clothes we choose to wear project what we think of ourselves to the wider world and she would not want a picture out there that says “I’m a biker chick”. I hope she continues her put-together and well princess-like looks.

    • Ewa

      Perhaps when she feels a little more secure in her new situation and prepares to toy with her image a little… boy, she would rock it! Having said that, the world deserves one beautifully, yet conservatively dressed young woman. We have bike chicks galore.

      • Ewa

        sorry, “biker”