• Fri, Aug 26 2011

The Editors Discuss: Which Vampire Sucks The Hardest?

EIC Jennifer Wright and Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff are both pro-vampire, but believe that all vampires are not created equal. Come to think of it, there are a bunch of vampires they really hate. They will discuss.

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  • Goldie

    Have you recently (like, in the last few years) tried to watch Interview with the Vampire, or any swooning Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise movie from the 90s (Legend of the Fall, etc.). It’s supremely disappointing.

    On another note– I had no idea about the Aliya/R. Kelly marriage! holy shit! Now I have rap portion of “Are You That Somebody” stuck in my head. Which is a nice change from “Come on Eileen” after I misremembered the lyrics as “Come on Irene.”

    • Ashley Cardiff

      “Are You That Somebody” really holds up.

    • Megan

      I’m so glad I haven’t been the only one singing “Come on Irene” this week.

  • ashmoth

    Lost boys – best vampire movie ever. Kiefer was dead sexy.

    • BL

      Seriously, Jennifer you have to see Lost Boys! It’s amazing and hot in an 80′s way.

  • Jenny

    Dammit, now I do too….”baby girl (uh huh) I’m the man from the big VA, won’t you come play ’round my way…”

    The pop up video for that song was awesome….like all pop-up-videos…

  • Rebekah Mae

    Deacon Frost aka Stephen Dofrf was the only reason I watched and then later bought Blade. The ONLY reason. So hot.

  • Hanna

    But what about Blade? I had a huge crush on him when I was, like, 12. I recently watched Blade I again. It was hilarious. Wesley Snipes. A lot of leather. 1998 fashion. Not the strongest plot. And so much nostalgia!

    • Ashley Cardiff


    • Ewa

      so are the Cullens.

      How about Julian Luna, though? (Kindred: the Embraced. Badbadbad.)

  • DMO

    So, you put down Angel, but not Angelus? The most badass of all the badass vampires from that series? The one who made Spike look like a cabbage patch kid? Who did horrible shit but was so funny you couldn’t really care? Shame on you ladies, shame on you…

  • Shae

    It must be admitted that although I enjoy Spike more than Angel, he became way less cool when he got all un-evil and in love with Buffy.

  • Erin

    AW!! No mention of Stephen or Damon (OMG ESPECIALLY DAMON) from Vampire Diaries? Stephen’s kind of a wet blanket to me, but Damon…ohhhhhh, Damon…