Gallery: More Photos Of Sofia Coppola Getting Married

I’ve always liked Sofia Coppola. Whether that’s because people say I kind of look like her or because I cried at the end of Lost In Translation or both, I’m not sure. Anyway, as we told you earlier, she married Phoenix front man Thomas Mars in an intimate ceremony at the Coppola family villa in Bernalda, Italy over the weekend (oh, to have a family villa), and I wish them nothing but the best. Unlike Kim Kardashian, she did not go the classy route and sell the exclusive right to publish the pictures to People for $2.5 million, but luckily for those with an unhealthy Coppola fixation, there were some paps hiding out in the bushes. Here are a few of their snaps.

(Via Styleite and Fashionologie, and The AP)

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    • porkchop

      This wedding is almost too classy. I love this dress, and everything about Sofia! She always has this look that says “I’m important, so I don’t have to be pretty, but… I’m still pretty.”

    • Meghan Keane

      This gallery/wedding kind of makes me wish I was a Coppola.