History’s 10 Weirdest Fashion Trends


You think acid wash jeans are weird? Behind our bird masks, we’re silently judging you.

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    • C

      Wait, this was on Cracked last week!

      • C

        Well, some of them were, anyway

    • Summer

      The Japanese “blackface” is horribly offensive. Anyone who thinks otherwise should watch Bamboozled.

    • Olivia

      Ah sorry but as an art history major (yeah I was a pretentious asshole my freshman year of college) I must point out that the Mona Lisa did have eyebrows but the paint DaVinci used has faded over time; new evidence has been able to find some faint hairs on the painting. There’s a great exhibit about it at the Frazier in Louisville.

      Ok now I’m done being a prick; I think one day we’ll look back at hair straightening and go “THEY SUBJECTED THEIR HAIR TO METAL TOOLS OF HEAT? HOW VEIN! HOW MEDIEVAL!