Pro-, Anti- Toplessness Forces Clash In Asheville, North Carolina

Forces for mandatory shirt-wearing clashed with the good people of this past weekend in North Carolina, when former city councilman Carl Mumpower and former Buncombe County GOP chairman Chad Nesbitt staged a counter-protest to the previous weekend’s boobtastic protest for the right to let ‘em hang free all over that great, mountainous state. (Toplessness is not illegal in NC or Asheville, but some other cities in the state still have super fascist laws on the books.) Surprisingly, turnout for this anti-boob protest was decidedly lower than turnout for the pro-boob one the weekend before. But that didn’t stop a few topless ladies from stopping by to rub their victory in the protestors’ dour faces, so to speak.


An anti-topless protest was held in Asheville on Sunday.  About 100 people gathered in downtown to protest a topless rally that was held in the city last week.  Organizers said the topless protest was sexually explicit and abusive to children that witnessed it. It is legal for a woman to go topless in North Carolina but protesters said the topless rally abused the law.  Several women showed up topless to counter-protest.  One woman was arrested.  Molly Rosch, 20, was charged with indecent exposure for exposing her lower private parts to the crowd.

Keep on fighting the good fight, folks! But remember to keep your vulvas sheathed for now. We must achieve our nudist, gay, Islamic, communist, baby-killing matriarchy one careful step at a time.

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    • Chloe

      Yeah, it’s not like any kids know what breasts look like. Oh, wait.

      Also, those men filming it are terribly, terribly pathetic. They really did miss the point by as wide a margin as possible.

    • BekCogent

      I get the sentiment with the Islamic comment at the bottom of the article but it’s still in poor taste. It could just as easily be switched with Christian. That would be fundamentalists on both sides… can we leave religion out of this?