How Is Child Bride Courtney Stodden Spending Her Birthday?

It’s Courtney Stodden’s birthday! Guess where she’s planning to go?

Disneyland. Because she is turning 17.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Disneyland. It is a place filled with fun and magic where you are seemingly permitted, even encouraged, to run in front of five year olds to get in lines. But planning to spend a birthday there seems like maybe it’s not evidence that she’s a really old soul. I mean, the part of my soul that was revealed the last time I went to Disneyland was “the part that will eat funnel cake all day long and complain to the point of tears when we can’t get into the pirate restaurant.” So the whole claims about Courtney being such an “old soul” who was a perfect match for a 51 year old might go farther if she’d, say, wanted to spend the evening listening to Chamber Music. Or watching John Hughes movies. Or anything, really.

And she won’t even get to go! Because there is a heat wave. So plans got put on hold. But it’s not a complete loss. According to Radar “[Doug] surprised his 17-year-old wife with her first birthday gifts from Victoria’s Secret, her favorite store.”

Presumably she’ll get to wear some really sexy underthings when she finally goes and meets Goofy.

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    • Ashley Cardiff


      • Raerae

        HAHAHA!!!!! What a joke.

      • Fabel

        Omg, this reminded me that she has a Twitter. PLEASE analyze her tweets again.

    • Penelope

      MAKE HER STOP. PLEEEEASE, for the love of everything, MAKE. IT. STOP.

    • Lindsay Cross

      That’s crazy! My daughter will be spending her birthday at Disney this year too! She’s turning 4.

    • marissa

      This woman has got to be 37 at least. Look at that face.

    • Sarah

      …I share a birthday with Courtney Stodden.

      I feel so dirty now.

    • Melissa

      She in no way looks 17!!! If she looks this old at 17 just imagine what she will look like at 30. Its disgusting…..i see adult films in her future.

    • Triscuit

      When I first heard about this “child bride” and saw her pitcure, I thought “oh, so she got married really young…20 years ago?” No. It’s not her soul that’s old. It’s her face.

    • Shae

      ….when I saw the headline of this post, my first response would have been Chuck E. Cheez, but I guess this is close enough.

    • BekCogent

      Her mannerisms and the faces she makes while taking photos or doing interviews are more disturbing than the fact she married someone so much older than her. And the fact that her husband apparently finds her sexy! She scares me.