Poll: Do You Find Russell Brand Attractive?

When watching the VMAs last night, I commented to my boyfriend about how Russell Brand and wife Katy Perry are probably two of the most hate-fuckable people on the planet. I mean, listen to the sounds that emit from them. They are extremely painful to the ear. But put it on mute, and suddenly we were considering the merits of a foursome. “He’s objectively attractive,” my boyfriend agreed. I know multiple lesbians–women who do not have sex with men–who think the same thing. What gives?

Personally, I think it’s a combination of his chiseled good looks with his making every sartorial attempt to ruin them. Also, he seems like he’s sweet to Katy, and that eulogy of Amy Winehouse was pretty touching. As a bonus, it was all spelled right and not posted on Twitter, which makes me think he could be kind of smart. His English accent is occasionally hot. And the guyliner is just so bad it’s good.

Are my friends and I alone in finding this creature weirdly attractive? What say you?

Here are some photos to help you decide:

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    • macalny

      Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone but Katy Perry say they think Russell Brand is attractive. Personally, I think he’s got quite an ugly face, although he does seem relatively innocuous, personality-wise. But hey, tomayto-tomahto, right? If we all thought the same people were attractive it’d be a pretty boring world. So here’s to variety!

    • Maya

      His legs. Dear lord, his legs. Skinny and so…long. Yum.

    • Celia

      Oh I think he’s hilarious. And I really don’t think he takes himself seriously at all. I also love how he lacks a brain-to-mouth filter. Plus, his Amy Winehouse speech was very appropriate and sweet without sugar-coating anything. He can laugh me into bed any day.

    • Ruth

      I think he’s insanely sexy, but I have no rational pros/cons because he’s generally SO not my type. He just seems like he’d be a freak in bed, which I like, and he’s very funny and in interviews promoting his first book he was very self-deprecating and unexpectedly down to earth.

    • Eileen

      Eh. Not particularly. I’m not attracted to him, but I don’t find him abhorrent. He does have an attractive face, but I find his attempts to “ruin” them (through long, often dirty hair, tattoos, and guyliner) unappealing enough that it balances out his natural good looks.

      • GB

        He wants to look creepy because he is scary looking and cannot help he was born with a horses jawline-which they cover with that mange of hair well.

    • Futuralon


    • Lea

      Not attractive, based on superficial reasons alone.

    • CatWoman

      What i find annoying and quite frankly just outright MEAN is your narrow minded tight ass article. Lighten up. Both are beautiful, sexy, articulate & extremely intelligent. IF you read any of Mr. Brand’s work or listened to him on talk shows – he is a gentle, positive & passionate human being.
      IMO, he is brilliant & beyond handsome. For me, the brain is the sexiest organ with the heart a close second. Russell has both.
      I suggest you open yours & let the love in instead of breeding negative energy.
      Jealousy is a monster of it’s on. Get it off your back & knock the chip off your shoulder as well.
      Rita Wood
      Somerville TN

      • Kellie

        Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! +1

    • yarell vasquez

      OH HELL TO THE NAW!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zuzu

      Mr. Brand is the sexiest thing since Johnny Depp. His hilarious free expression makes him even more so by highlighting his intellect. His extensive knowledge of literature, philosophy and religion, all wrapped-up in that beautiful vegetarian body caught my eye immediately and I’ve not looked away since. The way he loves his wife, loves his fans, looks at the world in such a positive way only compound his appeal. While finding his way through the tough early part of his life he made it through a string of life threatening adventures, found peace and is now whole and solid, and he’s still in love with the world- a truly magnificent feat to be sure. All these things make him the sexiest beast on the planet. The guyliner, to me, gave him an air of intrigue that I love. His hair frames the most gorgeous face to come along in several generations. Long live Russell Brand!

    • alliemichelle

      Horrifyingly…yes, I find him attractive.
      He IS attractive and incredibly intelligent.

      He has learned from mistakes and has depth of insight as well as a quick, jaundiced, humorous take on the world/society.
      He pushes our comfort levels and has, for all of his uh….experience…a sort of innocence, perhaps freshness about him.
      Despite his brand of humor (ptp), he also has a keenly decent take on what society could be.
      Yes, he’s attractive, far more than just another empty, pretty face and head.

    • Nathan Forester

      Not really….I just find it difficult to look past his appearance.

    • Nothing Much

      Very pretty … I don’t know why, but his open demeanor humour and concern for humanity is touching. Plus those cheekbones and that jaw, like a pretty boy ;)