When Did It Become Okay For Chris Brown To Have A Career Again?

I’m sorry, I’m confused. I guess I should have been more dazzled by the Peter-Pannery. I was probably distracted by all the beating.

Did you see the Peter-Pannery? Here is Chris’s VMA performance.

Oh sure, it is legitimately dazzling. He is a very gifted performer. However, I guess when I think about Chris Brown, I don’t think “air somersaults, yay!” I think “oh, that man who beat the shit out of Rihanna.” I think of an unrepentant, woman-beating scumbag. I think of that guy who once told Larry King that seeing a Rihanna-inspired show on Oprah was a “slap in the face” (that’s not what it feels like, Chris) and that “I commend Oprah on being like, ‘This is a problem,’ but it was a slap in my face. I did a lot of stuff for her, like going to Africa and performing for her school. She could have been more helpful, like, ‘OK, I’m going to help both of these people out.’ ”

Dude. You punched your girlfriend until her eyes were swollen shut. Did you want to be listed as an “Oprah favorite thing?” Would that have been sufficiently helpful?

In an interesting side-note, Oprah replied “Oprah is very appreciative that Chris Brown performed at her school, but she takes domestic abuse very seriously.” Oprah probably also does not like cancer or puppies being raped, but she is appreciative when puppy rapists perform at her schools. And cancer. That time the edos of Cervical Cancer did some high kicks for her schoolkids, that was a great time.

But who cares, right? Wasn’t that whole Cirque de Soleil thing at the VMAs terrific? The flips! All the flips!

And now, Lindsay Lohan is asking Chris Brown out on Twitter. Specifically by sending him a message that says “wanna meet?” Chris Brown has yet to reply.

So, as a man, I guess you can continue to have a successful career and be courted publicly by starlets after beating a woman.

Women in a similar industry have careers that end over… wrinkles. Unless you are Diane Keaton, and dress like a crazy person. Britney Spears career basically ended because she was SO CRAZY she felt like shaving off all her hair So, basically, the career formula here is:

Man beating woman = not career ending

Woman doing something that does not uphold traditional standards of beauty = career motherfucking over.

Right. Okay.

I’m going to go practice doing some somersaults now.

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    • BeccaTheCyborg

      This post is fucking amazing.

      • Jon


        Fuck Chris Brown. I love how Jay-Z didn’t even acknowledge his performance.

      • Yawn

        He acknowledged the performance by sitting there watching it and nodded his head at the end. Stop falling for the media hype looking for a story that isn’t there.

      • Penni

        True fucking story. And for all the people who are like “He served his time, get over it!!” I have never ONCE hear him be genuinely regretful of his actions, only angry that people called him out on it. FUCK that shit.

    • Cat

      I completely agree! I cannot believe how people are so willing to forget what he did just because he has a pretty voice and can dance. There are so many other talented people out there that DO NOT have a past of beating women.

      Its not even like he has tried to improve his behaviour, although I guess breaking chairs and windows is better than a woman’s face.

    • Kelly

      No one forgot what he did, they moved on. After 2+ years that tends to happen once someone has served their time. Rihanna moved on saying that she forgave him, lifted the restraining order and follows him on Twitter. If your article was written in 2009 it would be a news worthy opinion but in 2011 why not talk about “Current/Continued Offenders” who really show no remorse and are making mega cash like Charlie Sheen, Nicholas Cage, and the latest Lost Star who punched a woman twice the night of the award show?

      Just a thought….

      • sourorbitter

        I agree.

        What he did was horrible and the thing is Rihanna moved on. This a matter between them. I find it disrespectful that the author would put up a picture of Rihanna beaten up. If it was your daughter, sister, or friend, would you want it to be still posted?

        I understand this is the author’s right to free speech but this article is a piece of crap.

    • Youth

      I understand your point. No its not okay for any domestic violence towards anybody. Yall act like he wasnt trying to change but ppl keep lashing out at him to make him look like a bad person. He fuck up and ppl are giving him a second chance but ppl keep trying to lash out at this dude like danm. Your opinion matters but the only ppl that he needs to ask for forgivness is Rihanna and God(if thats your faith). Last time i check she forgave him so SHE CAN MOVE ON and he still has his talent that GOD gave him so i know he good with him. Take it as you may but thats just my opinion.

    • Youth

      Also Im 100% sure Rihanna and her fans and family dont appreciate you putting her picture online again after it was leak and its such a embarrassment which she also said. How would you feel if this was you or your daughter pictures being posted without your approval?

      • LEB

        I agree! But some how I don’t think this is about Rihanna any longer. No one is saying anything about Charlie Sheen getting a new television show so that says a lot. heck no one is even talking about Casey Anthony anymore so it’s like people have selective memory. Pick and chose who they want to forgive and forget.

    • Marie

      I agree 100% this man beat the hell out of rihanna. He should not have a career at all.

      • LEB

        So when some commits a crime they shouldn’t be allowed to serve their sentence and continue their career whatever it happens to be. Please you sound ignorant!

      • Corissia

        This response is actually for “”LEB”. Yeah, if a teacher hits a student, they never teach again. He should have to start over, like any other criminal. If a banker steals, they lose all chances to work in finance ever again. If a celebrity acts like a monster, they should lose the privileges that go with it.

    • JKS3287

      I think it is time for the world to forgive Chris Brown. He served his sentence, which was much longer than women beaters who aren’t famous receive. He is trying to redeem himself, although it is extremely difficult with haters coming out the of woodwork whenever he does something positive. Yes he still has his moments, he’s young and stupid and hopefully in a few years he will be able to move on from this period in his life. Let Rihanna move past the beating by not showing the photograph and leaving it alone. He was sentenced, it is on his record, and Rihanna is doing amazing right now. People have punished Chris Brown through record sales, as well as probation. People like you just keep bringing back the shame a woman feels when she is beaten so badly by a man that makes so many of them afraid to say anything. Get over your anger, he did not beat you or harm you personally in any way and let him live his life. As a woman, I think he can still be redeemed and is still allowed a career like every criminal is allowed.

      • Patty

        I agree that people should be given a second chance, but as public figures they’re also setting an example and unwillingly acting as role models. It’s the same as Michael Vick – he’s a cruel, sadistic killer. And yet he’s back after a lot of PR. This really send the wrong message and the media should consider this when they bring back stars that have engaged in criminal activity such as domestic abuse, rape (Kobe) and animal abuse.

      • Kelly

        Patty if you agree people should get a second chance, it should not matter if they are public figures or not. There is no stronger message to young people or anyone for that matter that if you do something wrong there are consequences but once you serve your time, if you work hard you can still be successful. Everyone you listed served there time and worked hard to overcome. One word you and the writer of article should add to your vocabulary is redemption.
        Pray that if you fall you can get back up again.

    • eLINK

      You are an idiot to even question why the young man should have a career. I bet U are frustrated. Go and get a life please. U are also ignorant and retarded to question why anyone should have a career.

    • Eileen

      After he served his sentence? The American judicial system believes in the rehabilitation of criminals; otherwise every guilty verdict would be matched with either death or a lifetime prison sentence. Ex-cons are supposed to become productive members of society after their sentences are over. I’m all for criticizing the entertainment industry for its treatment of women, but allowing a young man to return to his career a few years after having completed his sentence is how things should go.

    • Boo

      Lol People like this guy is one of the reasons I support Chris Brown.

      First of all, Britney Spears career is not over. Aside from her “crazy” moment, her performance at the VMA’s 2007 shows why she fell off for a minute. Her craziness ruined her music, which has yet to happen to Chris Brown. Wrinkles end womens career? Really? Madonna & Cher have yet to sit down.

      The continuous on and on and on bashing of Chris Brown is rediculous. If every musician, actor, entertainer, or anyone in general constantly had their crimes and faults listed out prior to their name being mentioned, then everyone would look like a douche. And that is treatment he does not deserve. We know what he did, we don’t need to be reminded by you. I’m not defending what he did bur he’s been to court, done what he wad sentenced to, plus some, and is serving his probation. He was punished and unfortunately is continued to be punished by people like you who I’d like to know has what record of being involved in helping people in domestic violence situations. Regardless, people like yourself just want something to bitch about. No telling what we’d find about you if your business was aired put. Probably behind on child support or who knows.

    • mk

      When did it be come for him career?????……when pple figured tht he amazing talents, other thn beat “rihanna”

    • Sickof Celebrities

      You see Jennifer, the problem is that everyone knows black males have no behavior control and his white masters think he can make money for them. Sad, but true. His masters probably hope he gets offed by one of his equally messed up ghetto boyz, thereby guaranteeing a much longer revenue stream a la tupac. A punk like this makes more dead than alive and cannot get in more trouble with the po-leece. Trying buying a clue next time you decide to write something.

    • Rob

      Man, let it go already. This has been almost cour years ago. And people make mistakes nesides theres always more than one side to a story and none of us were there when it happenef. Nobody is perfect in this life and we all make mistakes so let it go. Geez..

      • Chris

        I’ll be sure to check in a year after I beat the shit out of you and see if you’d like to give me $15 for my album or clap for me while I hang out on your porch and twirl.

    • Liv3formusic

      Chris still has a career because GOD says so! SMH Who you are to tell someone what they should and shouldn’t have? I don’t condone his actions but we’re all fallible. The negative media is obsessed with him and they’re confused fans. They don’t like him but take the time to write asinine posts. You’re wasting your time because Chris has fans that support him and he is prevailing in everything he does. Let him redeem himself instead of trying to bring him down. Uplift each other and be positive. How do expect people to be better if you continue to be negative & deliberately bring them down?? The world is so negative these days smh it’s ridiculous! The haters & the negative media wants to see him fail or mess up and it’s sad. Try to be positive and uplifting! God Bless You!!

      • Dove

        You know how people redeem themselves?

        By seeking redemption.

        Chris Brown has not done this.

    • shell517nj

      I’m sure rihanna loved seeing this in the paper. trying so hard to diss chris this shows absolutely no respect what so ever for the victim. she’ll never be able to put this behind her.

      I wish the best for these two young people no one deserves this circus.

    • kay

      I’m not defending Chris Brown’s actions; I’m a huge fan of his music, and disgusted by what he did to Rihanna.

      But here’s the thing. I’m a fan of his music. His dancing. He has a career because he’s a talented artist; he didn’t arrive at fame by being a guy involved in domestic violence.

      At the end of the day, it’s up to the individual to decided whether or not he/she wants to support his music career. The kid’s got talent, it’s undeniable. I don’t support his actions, but his career, I do. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know — but I keep his personal life separate from his work, as it is with every individual. I’m willing to acknowledge that he’s good what he does.

    • John

      “When Did It Become Okay For Chris Brown To Have A Career Again?‎”
      What makes you better than he does? Let Chris Live his life and hope off his dick.

      • Dove

        I’ll tell you what makes me better than him. I’VE NEVER BEATEN ANYONE.
        Nope. Of course I’ve done shitty things, but I have the decency to be ashamed and apologetic for the relatively minor shitty things I’ve done.

        That’s what makes me better than Chris Brown. And I’m willing to bet that Jennifer Wright is better than him for the same reason.

    • TRG

      Come on now, keep it real. You people are only turning the other cheek because it’s Chris Brown. I have a daughter, and I have to admit that if a man ever did that to her, I don’t care who he is, I would NEVER forgive him. I think most (if not all) of you up here feel the same way. I also spent most of my childhood watching my mother get beaten by my step dad. I’m just saying, beating a woman is serious, like REALLY serious, and Rihanna is someone’s daughter, and will probably be someone’s mother one day. Ask yourself this, if it weren’t Chris Brown, just some average joe, and he did this to your mom, sister, or daughter, would you still be as forgiving? If so, would you look your mother, sister, or daughter in the eyes and say “I forgive him for beating the shit out of you, and you should too” Maybe I’m biased and just angry because of my experiences with woman abuse, and as a christian, ofcorse I wish nothing but the best for Chris, but as a flawed human being, I know that it is only because he is a celebrity that I can turn the other cheek so easily. My point, stop hating on this article, because most of you feel the same way the author does, you just can’t see it becasue it’s Chris Brown

    • Somnilee

      I mute the stereo or TV whenever a song by him comes on. Call me over-zealous, but I don’t believe he deserves the limelight: I think people have just willingly forgotten what he did, and that’s wrong to me.
      Especially the collaboration with Justin Bieber.

      • Mntz

        Ofcoz we all remember wht he did n he was punished fo tht. We shud all learn to forgiv even thou it’s hard to forget. Like any other people, Chris Brown deserves a second chance too.

    • VONiE

      I’m so tired of this. He only apologized because he or his team or w|e felt is was the right thing to do. He didn’t have to make an apology to the world, but he did. It may not have seem genuine to you but then again it wasn’t meant for you.

      And how can we forget what he did when every other day somebody brings it up and how he shouldn’t have a career, fans, or be free? Just because we don’t go on websites to say how of a “jerk, “douche bag” or “asshole” doesn’t mean we forgot, it just means we’ve moved on. we don’t need to dwell on the past. If you don’t like the kid, don’t read articles about him, don’t listen to his music, don’t watch him on tv. It’s as easy as that.

      Now, if you want to hate Chris Brown because he gave Rihanna a concussion, don’t forget the other celebrities who beat on women. He wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last man to ever hit a woman, so why is he the subject of your scrutiny?

      • Corissia

        This is website has put the spotlight on other woman beaters as well. Obviously you’re new here.

    • 2nd Deuce

      “Always hoping for the worst, waiting for him to fuck up!” It seems like everybody wanted Chris Brown to remain in a constant deep shit after beating the hell out of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, who actually provoked him. When I heard it I was like, Whew! I mean it cought me by suprise. But anyway that shit has been pending for a long fucken while now, even Rihanna’s face is restored. It’s about time we get over that shit. Like it or not, Brown gonna shine forever. Haters roger that! MOTHERFUCKER!

      • Hanna

        “who actually provoked him”
        There is fucking NOTHING she could have done that made it okay for him to beat her. NOTHING.
        See, decent people don’t hit each other. Take me, for example. Reading your comment I want to smash your face into the next wall. But I don’t. Because I am a responsible, respectful grown-up and violence is not the answer. Even though you really, really deserve it.

      • Chickalupe

        Second that. You are ‘provoking’ me as well. So by your logic, if someone were to beat you mercilessly now, you couldn’t complain at all.

      • Corissia

        Just because you’re provoked doesn’t mean you are powerless to control your actions.

    • Jane

      Chris Brown is a whiny asshole. All he does is complain that he can’t catch a break.

      And Jay-Z agrees. He wouldn’t stand up for that piece of shit at the VMA’s.

    • Helpthemmoveon

      By the way, this will never go away for both of them! it hasn’t done Chris harm just a little embarrassing for Rihanna tho.

      In celeb-dom, its not about the crime, its about the stars who are involved! Chris was a huge star way before he met rihanna and had developed his fan base.
      while rihanna was seen as a non talented, body flashing model-with-a-mic and almost all Chris fans hated her (tho no reason to beat her).
      Even now with what he has done it still seems there are more peeps praising him and most peeps still dissing her.

      If Chris had beaten the hell out of another female, famous or not, his career would have really been over.

      we will never knw what happened between CB and rih that night, but what i dont understand is; if she came frm an abusive home and he came frm an abusive home. she should knw that peeps frm abusive homes do have a breaking point and should have never provoked him in such a way if she truly loved him. im sorry im not making excuses for his behaviour but if u knw someone, than u can sense when uve gone too far… My theory is she just really didnt thnk anyone would have ever touch rihanna…

      • Hanna

        Jesus fucking Christ you’re stupid. Victim-shaming thy name is…

      • Corissia

        Chris is from an abusive home, he should be able to see when he’s getting out of control and walk away before he reaches his “breaking point”.

    • Trish

      Is anyone noticing that all the people commenting in defense of Chris Brown have terrible grammar, spelling, and punctuation?

      It’s because only uneducated morons would defend the actions of an abusive asshole, no matter how talented he is.

      • MegaMeg

        Love it.

    • Kitrana

      WOW! To continue to post that picture of RIhanna is humiliating for BOTH HER AND CHRIS BROWN! Have some respect and take that down. We all can get the point even if you don’t have her picture (which was supposed to remain private) blasted all over the internet. As far as Chris Brown, yes, what he did was wrong. But he is trying to move on and frankly, you all should too. We ALL MAKE MISTAKES! Let’s hope we all learned from it and do not do it again. You cannot hang this over him forever — he was 19 when it happened and he’s trying to grow into a man. Let both HIM AND RIHANNA LIVE! Public opinion is repulsive….and redundant.

      • Jelani


        Why not try a more effective means of protest like, oh, I don’t know–NOT WRITING ABOUT HIM.

        Get a life. A hobby. And a legitimate concern.

      • Gemma

        The beating of women is not a legitimate concern to you? Now that is worrying.

      • Miami

        Your totally right!

    • John

      Oh come on. How long ago was this? 2009? And yet people still go on about it as if it was yesterday. Seriously people. Chris is still upset about it. Rihanna has forgiven him, nearly the whole world has forgiven him. But there’s still that little portion who still drag on about it. Come on people, grow up.

      • Corissia

        If he wasn’t famous everyone who knew would think of him as a creep. Any other guy who beats the crap out of a woman like he did would have it follow him for the rest of his life. Just because he’s a musician you’re saying it should be forgotten. Honestly, if this had happened to your mother, your sister, your best friend or your daughter, would you really want him to be able to move on with his life a mere year later without any further consequences? I don’t believe anyone would feel that way.

        It’s great that’s she’s able to forgive, but this is a man who talked about how his mother was abused and when given the chance to be better he allowed the worst side of himself out. Yes, people make mistakes and people who are truly sorry should be given second chances. Chris is not sorry, apologies that come with excuses are not genuine. It doesn’t matter if she “asked for it” or not, a real man can control himself. He didn’t, he knew better and he did it anyways. Until he shows signs of genuine remorse and understanding, it need to keep being mentioned so we don’t forget the severity of what he did. People belittle the situation, but he didn’t hit her once or even twice, he attacked her savagely. This man will do it again unless he sees how wrong what he did was.

    • Chris Fan

      She was asking for it. He gave it to her. Get over it.

    • Charisse

      I’m not really a fan of either of the people involved in this story & I most absolutely DON’T condone violence against women in any fashion or against any human being for that matter. But the only people who seem insistent on making this Chris Brown’s cross to bear is the media, even more so, women in the media. The public’s attention span is short & we’ve already moved onto to the next seemingly terrible & shocking thing a celebutard is doing this week. It was despicable what Chris did & he has not really had many redeeming actions or qualities since said events took place. Celebrities are constantly doing stupid things, getting a public flogging for about five minutes and then are allowed to go back to their regularly scheduled debauchery as if nothing happened. This is nothing new. This is how our celebrity-obsessed culture works.

      Rihanna, although she may be dealing with the pain from it on the inside, seems to be moving on just fine. Maybe, you guys and the rest of the media holding some sort of grudge against Chris Brown should too.

      • Miami

        That is how i feel as well, to be honest its getting really stupid because its been almost a year now. If Rihanna can move on so should everyone else. At least he understands his mistakes and hopfully will never do it again, really the next day I was disappointed but it happens a lot with out anyone knowing it at all, so it basically the samething as hard as most want to keep it against him, its really over and Britany Spears did get her career back, did she really even loose it? :/ But anyway i liked what you said, it really did make better sense.

    • Cassie

      I see Team Breezy is out in full force today! But hey, better to vent your frustrations on the Internet than on your significant other’s face, amirite ladiez?

    • Sam

      Chris Brown has a career only in the U.S overseas they don’t support him. Which is why he is banned from touring in Europe. He was never have that crossover success the success that every artist needs to take their career to the next level. The mediastream media will never let him live it down.

    • Julianna Ashley

      I love this article. The paragraph comments of pity for a millionaire woman beater–equally tasteful!!

    • Muffy

      Because people remember why they loved him in the first place. Just when I thought I heard it all, here comes an article like this.

    • Liam

      Women are hoes. Just look at actions of Rihanna or Lindsay now.