6 Fashion Trends Men Hate (And Why You Should Try Them)

What do men want you to wear? High heels, a tank top, and skinny jeans. Should you? Don’t be ridiculous.

We asked our male friends the trends they hate the most, and then found good reasons you should try them anyway (though we agree that tanning yourself orange is just dumb).

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    • porkchop

      The makers of maxi dresses and menswear for ladies should use this as a selling point: not only will you be comfy and adorable, you’ll be virtually invisible to assholes.

      • Venus in Furs

        Comfort *and* a cloaking device to save a gal from assholes. Sounds like a perfect combo!

        Side note: My maxi-dress is also strapless. Nothing says “easy access” (to an awesome rack) like a strapless dress. It’s a win-win.

      • Dove

        I got a pretty coral maxi this summer and it is hands-down the most man-getting thing I wear. I bought it because it is super comfy and summery, the attention is just a (often gross) bonus.

    • Rebecca

      Idunno about the suspenders, I wore some (imo, adorable) skull and crossbone patterned suspenders to a concert the other day and everyone (menfolk included) loved them. EVERYONE, I SAY. And even if they didn’t, they kept their unfashionable mouths shut. XD

      Also, win on the maxi dress comment above.

    • Allison

      I will NEVER give up my giant sunglasses!

      • caring

        Sweetie, can I tell you and all the other pretty ladies something?? The big glasses are good for something…besides blocking the sun and covering no makeup, I guess..You need a pair of glasses that make your face look pretty…I have never seen a woman look pretty in these big, bug glasses..sorry..you have to look pretty…your eyes need to be shaped by a pretty lens, so you can still see that you ARE pretty..these aren’t flattering…like wearing big ol’ clothes…must be a reason they dont like…signed, your sister in caring…peace

      • Canaduck


        Actually,we don’t need to look pretty all the time. I wear my sunglasses because I want to protect my eyes and the surrounding area from the sun, not because I want to impress people.

        It isn’t my job to be as attractive as possible all the time. Big sunglasses may not be the apex of beauty but to act as if they’re so hideous that they can’t be justified is kinda sad.

      • Fabel

        Yeah, I am nottt trying to look pretty when I wear my huge sunglasses (although I do think they are cute on some people). I hate wearing smaller, more “flattering” lenses because I can see the rims. HATE that.

    • PC

      “Dude” must be out of his mind, those ladies are very exciting!

    • Ian

      Anything to do with the 80s – leg warmers, excessive shoulder pads, parachute pants and big hair! Publicly worn as a fashion fad then, but only admitted NOW, by so many.
      Make no mistake – the 80s styles have influenced our dress in the 21st century. Shoulder pads are slimmer and tight jeans are actually comfortable now.

    • Tom

      Red lipstick? Suspenders? Menswear?
      Coming from a male perspective I can tell you straight up that those articles of clothing are sexy. Suspenders are on par with over-the-knee socks, who did you ask when you compiled this?
      Also giant (unnecessary) sunglasses and massive pants are obviously horrible-looking and gaudy, you don’t need an article to know that.

    • http://elizabethsosewn.blogspot.com Elizabeth


      THAT is all I have to say to menswear. After seeing Saved! this was all I wanted to wear.

    • Eric

      I think that this is either complete bs or the author has some shallow, tasteless d-bags for friends.

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