American Apparel’s Mannequins Now Feature Ridiculous, Distracting Breasts

I was a little bleary walking to work this morning until I hit American Apparel on Fifth Ave and got an eyeful of erect, skyward-pointing nipple. I know the brand’s mannequins have historically been pretty comically sexual (like this one and this one) but these may take the cake. Looks like they need some sort of unisex knit to keep warm.

If anyone has heaved her bosom toward an American Apparel recently and noticed this, let us know.


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    • Jon

      Those actually look really alluring.

    • Eileen

      Nipples on mannequins aren’t a new thing…I’ve even seen mannequins in the kids’ department that have breasts with nipples, albeit smaller breasts than these.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I wasn’t suggesting nipples on mannequins is a new thing. I was saying the breasts on these AA mannequins are ridiculous.

    • Jeremy

      I think they are supposed to double as coat racks. No pun intended. I promise. No really.. I wrote it, and then saw the word rack and thought, “Oh god. No.”

      It was an accident. Forgive me.

    • Hi C

      It is part of a woman’s body, why should it offend you…chill out!

      • Venus in Furs

        The penis is part of a man’s body, too. Why not model male-body mannequins with massive penile erections?

        Oh. I know. Because the pants wouldn’t fit as well, and, more importantly, it would be unseemly.

    • Jelani

      This ENTIRE website is by far the most White-washed, neo-feminist bullshit I’ve ever come across in my life.

    • Jeff

      I walked by that store recently too and I DEFINITELY noticed both the breasts and the nipples. I’d never wanted to ask a mannequin on a date before that!

      Seriously though, it DID remind me of a German girl I dated once who had very prominent breasts and occassionally she’d wear this one clingy shirt without a bra. It looked absolutely incredible on her but was very distracting–in a VERY good way.

    • A guy

      Believe it or not some (very lucky) women do have breasts like this. It may be a little bit unlikely and extreme but have you seen the manequins they use to promote under armor?? Nobody expects mannequins to be realistic. They represent an ideal and they’re supposed to make the clothes look good. Guess what, these do.

      • Jeff

        Amen brother! I’ve been fortunate enough to experience breasts like this and let me tell you it’s practically a religious experience. I’ll probably be thinking of them when I’m on my deathbed! If you ever do get a chance though, you’ve got to move fast. Breasts like that don’t last forever! :P

    • Mark

      I was by there recently, and sadly, they don’t have this nipTACular display up any more. Probably just as well as it would’ve been annoying to fight a hard on while shopping.

    • GoGabbaGabba

      Very few women have the perky breasts like this but a whole lot of us probably wish we did. lol. But I think it would increase sales at the store as it seems to cater to the young adults.