Does Anyone Want A Dead Dog Purse?

Given the crossed out eyes, and idly lolling tongue, we take it this purse represents a dead dog.

We sort of thought all dogs went to heaven and didn’t just end up being carted around on your arm. Still, we guess it’s preferable to being one of those women who carry around a terrified looking dog IN your purse, but… does anyone want to store their half used lipsticks and credit card recipts inside a receptacle made to look like a dead dog? But maybe it is kitschy and cute among the dead-dog loving societies of the world? Insert jokes about bitches here!

(To be fair, it might make sense a, say, an animal welfare event. If you’re working to prevent animal cruelty we can see how this would make a sense as a statement piece).

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    • Betty

      What a relief. When I saw the tweet “Who would buy this dead dog purse? Anyone?” I thought it was made of, like, a real dog. So you got your click for your ads. Still, I feel used.

    • Derp

      Yes. Because it reminds me of the cartoon Stickin’ Around, and the little girl morbidly carrying around her dead dog Pepperoni.

      Also, it’s fake. It’s dark but not at all realistic. I pity anyone that gets offended over this.