Sinead O’Connor Takes To Internet To Find Satisfaction, Anal Sex

Remember when all we knew about Sinead O’Connor was that she was cool with shaving her head, and that there was someone in her life to whom nothing compared?

Well, things have changed. This week, Sinead has taken to the internet to express quite a bit more than that: namely, that she wants to get fucked, and she would like at least some of that fucking to take place in her asshole.

It all began on August 20 on her blog, with a post that begins:

I recently read of a woman in America who married and regularly humps her truck. I don’t yet own a truck but I’m beginning to understand her head space. And am worried I too may be so desperate for sex that within days I might run up the road and hump Bray Cab’s whole fleet in one hour.

I feel like that’s pretty clear. O’Connor is horny, and would like some sex please. She lays out a few stipulations about who that person might be, including someone not younger than 44, who doesn’t wear hair gel or aftershave, and who likes his mother and the mother of his children.

In her post, she welcomes applicants who fit the bill and are interested in providing said sex to contact her secretary. She must have been overwhelmed with responses, because in a subsequent post dated August 23, O’Connor feels the need to clarify a few things:

I’ve been repeatedly asked will I ‘do anal sex’. Let me make it very clear.. Any man I contemplate has to be into anal sex…let me now take time to make VERY clear that yes I ‘do anal’ and in fact I would be deeply unhappy if ‘doing anal’ wasn’t on the menu

I think I’m beginning to love Sinead O’Connor. This weekend, she posted her latest in the “Sinead Wants To Get Fucked” series, a piece of writing that manages to be dry, self-depracating and also unapologetic. In describing her preferences (and non-preferences) once again, she says:

I want you to clarify for all who may be concerned that Sinead is in fact 99.999% vaginally oriented but has experienced the odd shall we say ‘bark up the wrong tree’ and immensely enjoyed it.

Apart from that and an as yet un expressed desire to get royally rogered while wearing nothing but stilletos, by a man wearing a regular business suit which she could clime all over, and an intense enjoyment of light to not especially painful spanking, is as “kinky” as the girl gets.

On a more somber note, Anna Nolan of Ireland’s Evening Herald suggests that these ramblings might be an indication of O’Connors bipolar disease flaring up, in the form of hypersexuality.

And fine, I suppose that may be true. Nolan suggests that Ireland needs to have “the decency to look after Sinead.” But whether it’s the result of a flare-up or not, let’s remember that O’Connor isn’t expressing anything that any normal woman hasn’t felt at one point or another — the desire to be fucked, loved, cuddled, and to not have to pretend that she feels none of that.

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    • K

      The male pronoun makes me undeniably sad. That and I’m twenty-six. I would totally be up for sex and cuddling with Sinead O’Connor though…sigh.

      • BeccaTheCyborg

        This was my exact reaction as well. I’m 27, but I do look excellent in a suit.

      • Ewa

        I think she also said that women “will also be very much considered.”

    • Dick Wilcox


    • K

      Dick Wilcox is obviously both blind and insane. Becca, if you’re ever in the DC/Northern VA area bring your suit and figure out a way to look me up. :)

    • porkchop

      Bipolar she may be, but this is exactly the sort of thing that leads to becoming trans-dimensional fuck buddies with James Joyce. I bet he knows his way around the “tradesmans entrance” and these posts read a lot like his letters to his wife.

    • Dawn

      @Dick Wilcox: Are you insane? She looks great! That’s a completely casual photo of her on a point and shoot, not a posed, studio photo with perfect lighting, makeup artists and airbrushing. In fact, she’s probably not even wearing makeup. At 44, I hope I look half that good (which I won’t, given I don’t have her bone structure.)

    • Sam Ich Bin

      I mean this in the kindest way possible, but perhaps she could nab some quality guys if she didn’t dress like a middle aged lesbian. I love middle aged lesbians, I just don’t want to have sex with them.

      Also, by “anal” does she mean giving or receiving? She doesn’t stipulate. Pity the over 44 year old guy who finds out last minute he’s going to be the bottom. Quite honestly, I’m not turned on by the idea of doing Sinead O’Conner in the butt. Perhaps she meant “banal” but made a typo.

    • Superman

      Maybe a big fist up her hairy shitter would shut her up

    • Fucking Hell

      Fucking Sinead from behind would be heaven and hell as well. First: She’s free minded and true, i like that on women, she says what she wants, isn’t snaking around the REAL WISHES and DARK DESIRES. More and more girls and women discover how thrilling and deep satisfaction assfuck is, feeling a swollen erected hard pumping dick moving rythmly in her butt, makin her happy.
      Thats right, that’s cool, that’s real lustful life.

    • Fucking Hell

      Oh, I forgot 2 say that I like your sexy true comment, Jessica – U R a true woman, continue that and fight for Fuck ;9

      Greets from Germany