The 7 Real Reasons He Didn’t Call You Back

You went out on a first date the other night and never heard back from him. At first, you don’t care. You didn’t really feel a spark, and you’ve had better dates before. But then you begin to wonder… Did he not find you attractive? Was it something you said?
A few years ago, author Rachel Greenwald wrote a book titled, “Why He Didn’t Call You Back: 1,000 Guys Reveal What They REALLY Thought About You After Your Date.” In this except published in Marie Claire, Greenwald lists important reasons including, “you’re confident, forthright and successful,” and “you’re pursuing him.” Forthright?
Pursuing? Jesus, why don’t you just cut his dick off.
Actually, he didn’t call because he sucks. Not you. Want to know why? Click “Start Slideshow” to find out the 7 REAL reasons he didn’t call.

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    • Jon

      I would choose a hipster with large glasses over a Kardashian with large breasts. I mean, come on!

    • porkchop

      I hope that slide to is not meant to imply that Rick Moranis is anything less than God’s Gift to Women.

      Even his character in Ghostbusters hits on Sigourney Weaver (whether he’s possessed or not) and then in the sequel he scores on Annie Potts. Plus, in real life, he’s a comic genius AND immune to Hollywood, so he’s basically the strongest human being in the history of time. Plus, LOOK at him.


      • Shae

        Agree. I would hit that.

    • MM

      This is why I love The Gloss.

    • omar

      wow so some of these make sense but tbh it looks like a big bucket of excuses and egotistic nonsense if he didnt call you back hes one of two things

      not into you

      and ps if hes shy such as me he has a reason to be considering what people would write about him behind his back? theres a reason the best movie characters are nerds and not all gods gift to women ubermensch and it isnt the awesome video game references!

      flys off and plays final fantasy on his ps3*

      • pjai

        what are you gay

      • Elizabeth Stones


      • Shayn

        Ok there, Mr. Defensive, take a deep breath, calm down. Don’t take shit so seriously. There’s a little thing called a sense of humor; try it on sometime.

    • Stanley

      Even though you’ve been single the past 5 years, men almost never ask you out, only the bad ones do ask you out, and you’ve rarely been on a second date, it’s still the man fault if he doesn’t call you back.

    • Elizabeth Stones