6 Lunchboxes That Are Appropriate For Grown-Ups

It’s back to school time, which means that many a child will be hitting the stores to find that perfect lunchbox, the one that represents everything this world has to offer to them: My Little Ponies, Spiderman, or in my day, Thundercats.

As an adult, unless you are permanently stuck in your 1990s raver phase (and I hope you aren’t), you’ve probably let the idea of carrying a lunchbox go. But as these noontime totes show, that needn’t be the case:

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    • B

      Oh, how I love Built lunch boxes. I have a striped one, and I bought their Owl lunch box for my daughter. These are all so much nicer than the stereotypical insulated adult lunch box.

    • Eve

      Who is this person eating nothing but gumballs, Chex mix and blue M&Ms for lunch???

      • Olivia


      • Lynna

        A person who lives with no regrets and an iron stomach, obviously.

    • Katie

      You’re missing Laptop Lunches! Their products are amazing and I’ve used them for my kids, myself and my husband for the past several years now. They are great for encouraging us to eat a variety of healthy foods wherever we are. Their site also offers a ton of great ideas and information including a library of lunch menus: http://www.laptoplunches.com.

    • Melinda

      Screw “adult appropriate.” If I want to use my Thunder Cats lunch box from elementary school, I’m gonna freaking use it.