Bring Back The Trend: Animal Ears On Grown-Ups

One of the most abidingly obnoxious trends has got to be putting animal ears on grown ass people. From the Playboy bunnies of the seventies to the spirit hoods of last year, the trope of “woman as primal, sexy animal you want to commit bestiality upon” simply refuses to die. I mean, it’s fine for furries and cosplayers, but in a high fashion context it just looks…out of place? Infantilizing? Uncomfortably fetish-y? Dazed and Confused Korea’s new cover featuring Coco Rocha is just the latest in a long line of offenses. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you: animal ears on grown-ups.

(Via Stylelist)

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    • Laurence ‘GreenReaper’ Parry

      Pfft. They’re just fakin’ it, like those actors on TV who use rental store costumes as fursuits. Real furs will know the difference.

    • Katie

      Girl, the trend has already been brought. My first day of classes, a girl wore purple cat ears (to go with her pin stripe pants, of course), because that is just the kind of college I go to. A cutting-edge-of-fashion kind of college.

    • Ninargh

      I love wearing animal ears on a night out! If I do, they’re usually just a pair of small kitty ears, nothing TOO much. But then I have an excuse to be all coy, suggestive and catlike – and I get fewer odd looks for it, as I apparently do it anyway when I’m a bit drunk :)