Shopping Guide: 14 Pairs Of Unstoppably Sexy Red Pumps

If you like heels, you probably have  at least one red pair. Whether it’s an eye-catching fire engine hue in patent or a deeper, richer crimson in suede, nothing really ignites a simple white shirt/jeans combination like a pair of red pumps. Obviously, you can style them other ways, as they’re awfully versatile. Here’s 14 we’re currently into.

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    • Ellen W.

      I have a pair of red patent-”leather” peep-toe slingbacks I love so much I ran into a bench and faceplanted right outside the store when I got them. They were $14.95 and I wear them all the time and everywhere.

      The only problem is they are Material Girl for Macy’s, but I love that song (have it on a 45!) so it’s okay.

    • Peisma

      I also own a pair of red leather peeptoes. My mother actually gave them to me for my 20th birthday after having to hear my endless monologues about how I love them but would never ever wear them. Haven’t worn them outside the appartment yet, but I’m dying for the right opportunity to appear!

      Where do you guys wear your unstoppably sexy red pumps?

    • Lisa

      Hurrah for the two pairs (just barely) under $100!