Gallery: There Is A Nightclub In Russia For Children, It Is Obviously Pretty Creepy

Remember how childhood had all those great aspects like cartoons and candy and toys and tree-climbing? …What if you took all those things and replaced them with plummeting self-worth, $16 mixed drinks, shitty music and bathroom stall overdoses? Well, that place of perfect dreams is located in Chelyabinsk, Russia and it’s called Underground Garage. Is this totally disturbing? Or it just the sleazy lighting and groping? UNDECIDED.

Moreover, I am about 50/50 on whether this is real.

Please don’t be real.

Even more photos here, via here.

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    • Olivia

      I’m going to take a moment and sound like the cynical teenage goth I was in highschool, but sometimes I honestly do mourn for society. Then I wonder that sex will be like 20 years from now if 12 year old girls are forced to be sexualized now. And then we get upset when a 16 year old marries a 51 year old? There’s nothing sacred anymore- not even innocence.

      I just want to go put on eyeliner, burn incense, and listen to Depeche Mode.

      • Naomi

        You and me both, friend.

    • Kayla

      If it’s in Russia, it’s probably real.

      • americafullofjunk

        if its russia it is true?? No it isnt there are just pictures out there and they are spread all over the web without any article

        so this is copied from some facebook for sure which might is from a birthday party hosted in a night club. I am from germany and as a teen we were in the same kind of environment when we had the opportunity. People in america are probably more dirty all american girls are classless whores.

        Its always american who dont want to leave russia alone and need always to check it out and say ohh look russia is this and that blabla. Youre full of shit youre economy is debted to no end and you have 10% unemployment and inflation it just a joke. America is full of prostitutes and so is uk.

    • Ashley

      Is it just me, or does this just look like the underage clubs that are popular in Europe? Early high school (or middle school if they snuck in) tiny boys that haven’t hit their growth spurt yet and girls who just got their boobs and feel all “sexy”? Maybe this is revealing too much, but this looks like shit I did in eighth grade (because I was an idiot).

    • why i outta

      the little boy at the bar sums up how ridiculous the club scene is for kids.

    • Cherie

      Who’s the pervs running this place.

    • captn crusty

      Now I know where to sell my sandbox with a stripperpole!

    • Fabel

      Wow, I feel like maybe they are just fucking with us at this point (“they” loosely representing Russia, as well as the country where Thylane Blondeau is popular– France?) Like, ha, ha, watch how everyone in America freaks out! And then let’s reply to their concerned comments calling them prudes!

    • courtney

      ok so while this is obveously creepy adn weirf for me to look at being 21, I can’t help but recognize that I would have been right there with them and seen nothing wrong with it at that age. Further more, foreign countries do and see things much differently than we in the US do. On the other hand, the grown ups need to consider how this young sexualization is effecting thier youth and the generations of tomorrow. I remember learning what a bj was in 6th grade be kids who knew in like 3rd. but its not like that kind of thing was part of my life until college. I personally think I would have been scared for like if I had been fast tracked to sexuality. I don’t think I want to see those pictures again tho. its like looking at kitty porn

    • Diana

      Its not a-night-club-for-kids…they-had-a-grand-opening-and-the-perv-owner-didnt-shoo-them-away-you-can-see-adults-in-the-photos-especially-photo=5=because-theres-an-old-geezer-behind-the-pink-tshirt-tweeny-bopper.if-you-look-up-the-nightclub-its-for-adults-not-children-says-so-in-your-2nd-source-for-the-photos.

    • Jessica

      Somebody please tell these girls to cover up! I didn’t even dress like that as a kid!

    • K

      سلام.میشه فارسی هم بنویسید

    • Promo

      Ummm idk why people think this is so impossible and crazy, i hate to break it to you folks but they have clubs like that here in the U.S.A too. Moreover i work for one of these clubs as a promoter so if you think they dont exist your dead wrong and if you think they only exist in places like russia and we are above such stupidity you would agaqin be dead wrong.

      • Promo

        oh and just incase you all think im lying, if the writer/ editor of this article would like to come see one of these clubs in NYC feel free to contact me and ill be happy to show you a place that looks very similar to the place depicted here except slightly less grungy

    • blehomacrd

      ohmagawd! i wanna go!!!!! it looks like fun!! i love children!! they looks sooo cool!! i wish i went to a club like this when i was a kid!! omg! fuck playing outside this looks like fun!!! XDXDXDXD omgomg lolololol
      unpopular opinion omgawsh!!!!!! !!!! XDXDXDXD XD =DDDDDD =p =o ;D
      im trolling but seriously, i would love to go that honestly looks like fun if you leave the possibly-getting-raped-at-the-end part out of it.
      yes i am a teen/17
      that kid at the beginning is fucking adorable the groping is funny because wtf is that little boy gonna do to that girl i doubt he can get a boner at his justin beiber age.
      this is my opinion and its really fucking disgusting to be looking down on a different culture’s views just because you think our view of the world is more acceptable and “perfect” than other cultures. our culture (american) is not superior to any other culture
      if anything japan’s the awesome culture but thats just my opinion cuz i like them among many other cultures and look at me i love the world because im so openminded omaigawsh XDDDD !!!!!! haha

      • blehomacrd


      • jenna

        You sound a little bit pervertish .” i love children” lol

      • Lorelei

        I couldnt agree with you more about Americans thinking they are the superior race. Our culture is looked down upon by other countries all the time b/c we’re so damned arrogant. Nothings perfect, nobodys perfect. People have different opinions, if we didn’t, we wouldnt be human.

    • Lanna

      This isn’t a bad or crazy idea at all!
      For your information, there are teen nightclubs EVERYWHERE in the US!
      My friend used to go to one in New Jersey (I think??) called H2O
      I heard it’s amazing! Its for people 15-21
      I you are jar hearing about this teen nightclub thing, then you have been living under a rock! They are everywhere and commonly talked about.

    • Chloe

      Wow, this article really brought out the creeps and the trolls.

    • mamata

      life is always enjoy this pctrs not intrested

    • Maya

      This is not a teen night club,it is a 13th B-day held in a night club,which people normally lease for occasions like that. And have you SEEN today’s kids? They are crazier and hornier than college students. And have much more time on their hands.

    • chii

      how old are they?