Things That Are (Really) More Fun Than Having Sex

There’s an article on YourTango right now about things preferable to sex. They include “chocolate” and “holding hands.” Don’t they know that sex is like holding hands on the inside? Oh, God, that’s gross. Sorry.

Still! We really like having sex. We like a lot more than eating chocolate. We, in fact, chose our boyfriends largely because having sex with them seemed approximately 750 times more fun than sitting by ourselves watching the Jersey Shore. But we’re willing to imagine that there are some things that are legitimately preferable to sex. Umm… 10 of them. This is what we came up with.

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    • Kay

      old or young, I would still have with Paul Newman. No shame

      • Kay

        sex*, I would sleep with Paul Newman, whatever age

    • Lisa

      Hahahahahaha, “nothing”…like from the Neverending Story! PERFECT.

    • Stella

      This was somewhat disappointing. It’s all fantasy activities and stuff that’s not possible in real life–well, except for heroin, but I think that was thrown in unseriously.

      I expected some real talk about activities that can actually be, even if only occasionally, preferable to sex. This post tows the usual line that anyone normal prefers sex to just abut anything else.

      Hey husband, I love you but every now and than I’d like a deep tissue massage followed by a glass of red wine, and that’s it.

      Am I not normal? Eek.

      • Jennifer Wright

        We were deadly serious about OVERDOSING ON HEROIN as being a fun free time activity.

      • Rose D.

        Overdosing maybe, but not withdrawl! That is never fun for anyone. Unless they are crazy. Which maybe heroin addicts are? So maybe withdrawl for them…

      • Amy

        Agreed!! I’m so over this bullsh!t that sex is, like, THE BEST THING EVER. Seriously! Are you 14? If you think that there is nothing more fun than having sex then that’s pretty sad. Go out and see the world, sex is lovely but there’s more to life you know?

        I certainly don’t think watching Jersey Shore is better than sex but love, friendship, winning the lottery, a graduation ceremony after 4 long years of hard work, dancing all night on the beach in Vietnam – I wouldn’t swap these experiences in return for a quickie!

      • Dayum!


        Those are all nice things, but I’ll take a mindblowing carnal experience with a bliss inducing orgasm over all of them. My graduation from Uni was very nice. Loved seeing my relatives cheer me on and I was proud of my hard work, but it paled in comparison to the amazing sex I had that night with my S.O.

        I do believe sex IS the best thing ever, but it’s not the ONLY thing. I don’t think anyone is knocking you or others if you do not believe it’s amazing. I think that’s just your insecurities.

      • Stella

        Huh. I don’t think we said sex wasn’t amazing, just that OCCASIONALLY there are things that are more, um, stimulating. It’s really great that you love sex so much. You misread or misunderstood.

        Also, it’s rude to dismiss other people’s arguments or points of view by calling them insecure. Congrats on your graduation.

    • Molly

      God I love TheGloss.
      And Gmork.