Video: Is It Cool To Put Fake Boobs On A Four-Year-Old?

A recent episode of Toddlers And Tiaras is grossing people out for its even-worse-than-usual sexualization of young girls. You see, young Maddy’s mother thought it would be a good idea to dress her up as Dolly Parton, complete with fake boobs and butt, for the “talent” portion of the competition, and Maddy agreed, because she’s fucking four and doesn’t know any better. But wait, it’s okay because Maddy’s mom’s mom perpetrated the same terrible judgment on her when she was a kid! Let the cycle be un-broken.

And how did the judges react to this triumph of mothering? Did they shield their eyes in horror and report it to child protective services? Why, no. They just laughed and laughed, and said it was cute.

The only person who had the sense to question it was Maddy’s hairdresser, who told her she’d be just as cute without the fake boobs. To which Maddy responded: “no!” As ridiculous as the costume might be, it’s setting this kid up for all sorts of messed up crap come puberty, or even way earlier, and that is really no laughing matter. I have a feeling Dolly herself would agree.

(Via Styleite)

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    • Holly

      Maybe if they had gone completely over the top with like crazy huge boobs and something obviously Dolly for the outfit…and if she were like, lip syncing or something it wouldn’t have been so creepy. But they gave her boob boobs. For 20 seconds of bouncing on state. Weird.

    • Deanna

      This child will grow up to believe her role in life is purely sexual. Her brains won’t count, her talent won’t count, nothing will count except the T and A. Cute? I hardly think so. And the judges laughed and thought it was cute? Makes you wonder what kind of pervs are doing the judging. Jon Benet Ramsey was a beautiful little girl whose parents dressed and treated her as if she was some kind of beauty queen many years the older; she was not. She was a child and now she is dead at the hands of a pedafile. At what point do the father’s step in and put a stop to this crap with the mothers….most of whom are over weight, living in a double wide, spending all their money are pageants, and couldn’t win a beauty contest against a fire hydrant.

    • Katie Woodhouse

      This is frightful! What is even more frightful is the fact the judge thought it was cute. I think it is a slippery slope… now fake boobs, tomorrow a little botox perhaps and the next day some surgical enhancement. I know, that is an exaggeration. I loath ALL child beauty pageants and this adds further fuel to my quietly smoldering embers.

    • Adrianne

      The kid may be cute but putting fake boobs on her is soo not cute. This is completely taboo!

    • Danielle

      Unless it’s Halloween or just playing dress up at home this is not acceptable. I’m beginning to think modern mothers are just bat-shit-insane.