How Involved In Your Significant Other’s Career Should You Be?

Do you want to be like Simone de Beauvoir and Sartre? Or are you more into being June Cleaver and… that husband of hers, the one who was always coming back form work? Is your idea of romance discussing business strategy? Or does that sound like something that would suck in the few hours of the day you have to get away from discussing business strategy?

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    • Eve

      I’m somewhere in between. I would never, ever want to run a business with my partner. However, we do work in the same field and enjoy talking shop. We’re supportive of each others’ careers, but not involved past the point of offering advice.

    • Eileen

      Yeah, I agree with Eve. I wouldn’t want to work with a boyfriend/husband (although that’s how my parents met!), but I’d want to understand his job well enough to know what he’s talking about when he vents and to be able to make a suggestion that’s not completely stupid.

    • Fran

      My boyfriend and I started out as work partners, so we’re pretty involved in each other’s careers. When we’re off-duty we don’t really talk about work at all, since we already know what happened.