It’s Not Better To Encourage Girls To Be Horrible People Than To Encourage Them To Act Stupid

Earlier this week, a t-shirt being sold at JC Penney caused an internet uproar over its relentlessly misogynistic, gender stereotype-reinforcing message, which was: “I’m too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me.” The t-shirt was swiftly pulled from the site, and JC Penney issued a prompt apology to offended customers and bloggers/citizens of the world.

Well, now, a new dumb t-shirt has emerged, and this one doesn’t so much encourage girls to be stupid as to be terrible people. Sold at Urban Outfitters, the garment has this to say: “I Will Cheat On You.”

So, let me ask you: what’s cute about that notion? Why would anyone want to slap a public label on themselves in which they essentially call themselves an asshole? The only answer I can think of is that some girls might think that cheating — whether they do it or not — makes them look like a badass.

If you happen to fit that description (which you don’t, of course), allow me to suggest that there are better, more creative ways to express your inner devil that don’t involve being a shitty human being. For instance, you could join a rock band, get your pilot’s license, take up burlesque, write blues music, buy a motorcycle (with a helmet!), or even just be a regular old badass by standing up for yourself in life.

But please, let’s not besmirch the world of badasses by trying to put cheaters in that category with them. Nice try, Urban Outfitters, but no dice.

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    • Meghan

      Big surprise from Urban Outfitters, the company that encourages people to “Eat Less” on shirts and steals jewelry ideas from independent designers. Wow, I am so shocked.

    • porkchop

      This girl can get together with a bro wearing the “freshman girls: get em while they’re thin” shirt and be assholes together.

    • Fabel

      Well, at least it’s ostensibly for teen and young adult girls instead of children? Not that the message is any better, but I’m assuming this demographic realizes it’s an asshole message (probably…)

    • Eve

      I completely agree. And there is a notion that the key to equality is for women to behave badly in the same ways that men do, rather than expecting men and women to conduct themselves like gentlepeople. For instance, there was a thing on Jezebel a while back complaining about people complaining about the Sex and the City movie. The writer argued that it was “OK” for male characters to behave disgustingly in Get Him to the Greek, so it should be OK for female characters to behave disgustingly in SATC2. Well, no– it’s not OK for anybody, male or female, to loudly talk about their genitals in public (unless they’re at a sex education conference or something) or any of the other various behaviors being discussed. We should all be trying to elevate ourselves, not sink to the lowest common denominator.

    • Sam Ich Bin

      It should say “I will cheat on you until I get into my mid 30s and then nobody will want me because I’m no longer as hot yet my personality is still terrible.”

    • geek4beauty

      I am with you on this one. It has been proven globally that women improve the lives of those in their communities when given the chance, belief, and funding. This is what we should be teaching our girls, look at micro finance- 97 % goes to women due their higher return on investment rate. We need a shift in the US you do not need to behave the way the men show us-reality tv, girls gone wild, etc- think, be brave and treat the world you would like to be treated. That is badass