Why Do The Ads For The New ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Look Like A Yogurt Commercial?

We’ve been talking a lot about badasses here at The Gloss lately: mostly about who is one, and who isn’t one (you, gentle reader, clearly are one).

But you know who definitely should be a badass? Anyone who calls themselves a Charlie’s Angel.

Because let me see if I remember the plotline to the original 1970s TV show correctly: three women work undercover for some dude named Charlie. They fight and talk smack and do stunts. The whole point of the show was that it was groundbreaking because it featured women in physically aggressive roles.

In other words, everything about it was badass.

So can someone please tell me why the billboards for this fall’s remake look like an ad for Yoplait? There’s the angelic hue cast over all three of the actresses, as if to say, “a ray of sunshine and goodness follows us everywhere!” Then there’s those fucking wholesome smiles and looks in their eyes, suggesting that rather than thinking about jumping out of a helicopter, they’re saying to themselves:  “Ooh, I think this afternoon I’m going to eat a key lime pie flavored Fiber One! I’m so bad!

Please, ladies, and please, ABC. I’m so sick of seeing that look on women’s faces. Some of us can actually handle a woman who would eat a real piece of cheesecake instead of a 100-calorie carton of live bacteria. Can we have those ladies be the Charlie’s Angels? Can we?

(Also, this is what we think about yogurt commercials.)

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    • ChicagoRose


      They look like they’ve just found love on eHarmony.

      And they couldn’t have worn red or something? TRY to psych me out at least, ABC, geeeze.

    • Meghan

      I’m pretty sure this was the Dove ad “for all skin types!” that featured “diverse women!”. ABC TV ads are meant to confuse you so as to make you tune in to their generally sub-par television offerings, however, so they definitely hit the nail on the head here. Now we’re all going to tune in to see what kind of spin they’re trying to put on the concept with their tooth-whitening ad smiles…sheesh.