• Fri, Sep 2 2011

Friday Style Icon: Helga G. Pataki From Hey Arnold

Helga Pataki was Hey Arnold’s nasty, uni-browed bully. She didn’t really fit in and everyone was terrified of her–she was a loyal fan of punching, shoving and name-calling–but she also had a big heart… full of love for Arnold, her sweet Football Head. Here are some suggestions for creating an outfit inspired by Nikelodeon’s outspoken, misunderstood weirdo.

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  • marissa

    I watched “Hey Arnold” way too long just for Helga. She is so wonderful! I want that pink dress, too.

  • Nikita

    Hey Arnold! was my favorite show as a kid! Helga was such a misunderstood intellectual. If you look passed her gruff (violent) exterior, she was actually such an awesome role model. She was smart and never took anyone’s bullshit.