Glee Star Heather Morris In Glamorous Domestic Violence-Themed Photoshoot

Man, today is unofficial “outrage at the glamorization and exploitation of domestic violence for stupid reasons” day. First, we checked in on that salon that used domestic violence for a haircut ad, then PETA bizarrely referenced Chris Brown assaulting Rihanna while condemning the feather industry… now, Tyler Shields has photographed Glee star Heather Morris in a retro polka-dot dress with an iron… and a black eye. You may remember Shields’ work (and his fans) from this shoot with Lindsay Lohan.

Of course, some people find this gross and pointless. Shields, of course, did not.

He told E!: “In no way were we promoting domestic violence. We wanted to do a bruised-up Barbie shoot and that’s exactly what we did!” And then he said to US: “Our shoot poses a lot of questions, but just like in real life, Heather is definitely not a victim. More like a really liberated woman.”

What questions exactly does the shoot pose? Other then maybe, “How the fuck is a woman with an iron and a black eye liberated?”

See the photos for yourself and tell us what you think.

(via out sister site Mommyish)

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    • Fabel

      I guess because she scalds her partner’s genitals after he punches her in the face & tells her to iron? (that’s what I’m getting from the “photo story”)

    • MM

      I guess the word “liberated” has now gone the way of “empowered” and means “whatever the hell I want it to be.”

    • courtney

      I’m confused. it looks like it is conveying the women overpowering their setting and abuser and yet they are still abused (hence the black eye).
      This may be saying to abused women to break out but she almost looks like shes having fun. hardly realistic. hm

    • courtney

      and further more, Barbie was created by a woman who wanted to give her daughter a role model. Yet, often times barbie is seen by women as a villan becuase it represents a figure they can’t reach (boob size with a tiny waist which would proportionately break under the weight) Either way, domestic violence is not to be envied or shown to young girls that it is normal for women to stay where they are repeatedly hurt. maybe its a wake up call to women who stay in abusive (verbal, physical, or the like) relationships as to what they are settling for much like the message in the me ryan movie The Women. Whatever the goal, theres a fine line between being artistically bold and publically tactless

    • Dara

      yeah…not getting a liberated vibe at all.

    • Suds

      Let me guess- some liberal photographer thinks this is ‘edgy’ (another word that needs to retire along with liberated and empowered)

    • zimmerwoman

      I dunno… to me, the photos look like a bacchanalian party gone asunder. Instead of 40-hands, using the steam iron as a drinking vessel. Yep, been there, done that.

    • scallywag

      Frankly one has to wonder if Mr Shields was really adroit about exploring domestic violence why he didn’t go the full tilt and add the cuts and bruises and tears and the torn dress. But then again there’s only so much Hollywood can stomach and once the fuss dies out will all go back to yawning as Mr Shield frankly pissed away an opportunity to say something definitive about violence, the plight of women and the fragility of relations and even women who look like Barbie, well especially the ones that look like Barbie.