Green Day Singer Kicked Off Plane For Baggy Pants

We’ve all heard the stories about regular old civilians getting kicked off airplanes because of the way they were dressed: the girl who was told by flight attendants that she was wearing too little to fly, the young man who was on his way home from a friend’s funeral and was arrested after airline employees insisted that this pants sagged too much.

Well, now, Southwest has made a big mistake. Huge! Because the most recent victim of their nonsensical, case-by-case, totally subjective clothing violation rules is none other than Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong.

According to Extra, Armstrong boarded a plane in Oakland headed for Burbank, CA on Thursday night when a flight attendant asked him to pull his pants up. After a brief back and forth, in which Armstrong asked if she didn’t have better things to do than worry about his pants, he was kicked off.

He tweeted about the incident, and Southwest issued a statement on Friday, saying that, “As soon as we became aware of what had happened, we reached out to apologize for this Customer’s experience.”

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    • rc

      Should not have kicked him off the plane they should have kicked his A**. I don’t care if these guys like the gay style of wearing pants I just don’t want to be forced to see some guys butt.

    • Jose Sebelus

      why not just pull the pants up; offering an apology is stupid just because he is a stupid self centered “star” another Hollywood jerk.

    • why do we tolerate fools !

      No kidding. Why is the media defending a moron that is an older adult dressing like a 14 year old wearing the – my pants are below my ass boxer look – real impressive. Green Days music sucks maybe now people will see that the lyrics to Billy’s songs are the equivalent of the low pant defense manuever. Weak !

      • prax26

        LOL – This tool is nearly 40 years old! Learn some respect Billy,.. you self centered little prick.

      • Christian

        Angry, angry people; why so upset? It’s only pants. Are you that jealous of a successful person? The “media’ isn’t defending anyone; they’re just reporting a story. Green Day’s music is critically acclaimed internationally and, although you might not like them, the lyrics are relavant to society today. This all sounds like a lot like sour grapes to me. Too bad so many are venting their mid-life criseses here. I’m sorry you’re dreams were never realized and these talented “punks” are making good on their gifts. BJA is the American dream – cheer him on!

    • Christian

      Missed opportunity – she should have asked him if Green Day would play at her son’s high school prom.

    • prax26

      Maybe if his music didn’t suck so much he could afford a belt,..

    • Big Deal

      Pull up your pants and move on. Problem solved. Sounds like this guy is just an asshole.

    • bs

      Who are they to decide what someone wears. He bought. A ticket like everyone els. How worrying about terrorists not lead singers. I’m so glad these are the people watching our skies.

    • Wendy

      I just flew Southwest. They were great. In a tightly packed airplane, when the guy across the aisle is reaching up to put his bag up, or standing up to do anything – I don’t want his nasty butt crack or underwear right there at my eye level. The same goes for some girl’s too short dress or shorts, or any other inappropriate dress.

      How about we applaud them for insisting on a little respect for fellow passengers. And why isn’t anybody asking him why he couldn’t comply with a reasonable request instead of asking like a spoiled kid to whom the rules don’t apply?

    • Todd

      I like Green Day, and I love all their music. But the pilot and crew are designated as in charge when in their airplane. When asked to comply with a rule, you do or they have the right to remove you. They asked him nicely, he refused and was a jerk about it, so they removed him. I don’t care how famous or how much I like him, if he is a jerk to them, he gets treated like a jerk. Flying is a privilege. If he wants to treat people like that and wear what he wants, he needs to get his own damn plane and crew and pay them to take his abuse.

    • Christian

      Lot’s of angry people on this site; must be Bieber fans (or old angry white guys like myself).

    • Shannon

      The baggy pants look is SO last decade. But then, so’s Green Day.

    • GG

      I love America. The comments show the difference between reporters and public, public and corporate. People know what is right and what is BS.

    • Christian

      I love America too – you can wear your pants any way you choose. As for Green Day being so last decade, how many awards/Grammies have they won in the past five years?

    • Geeez

      They asked the guy to show some decency and pull up his pants, its not like they told him he had to do something with that muppet/road-kill hair of his,.. although they probably should have.

    • bob

      Unless you own the plane you have to follow the rules regardless..pull you freaking pants up or get off the plane

    • elsa

      Ridiculous….if any flight attendant asked me to pull up my pants, I would make a remark just like did. He said it correctly, doesn’t she have anything better to do than worry about the way he is dressed.

      Also, to everyone saying that Green Day’s music sucks… that has nothing to do with the issue here. Get over yourselves and stop envying the life that you dont have.

      • GG

        I don’t think too many people are envious of wearing baggy pants. If that were the case everyone would wear them, they wouldn’t be cool anymore. Then people wearing normal pants would be unusual and get kicked off the plane.

    • Kerry Smith

      Good, he should man up and pull up, he’s not carrying a cute little baby butt behind him anymore.

    • GG

      I travel a lot. One time I saw a guy with baggy pants trip and fall. Hilarious.

    • Marty Kay Zee

      This whole sagging pants fad is a prison fashion statement where belts and laces are forbidden due to suicides. I don’t to be anywhere near convict-chic at any time.

    • Next trip

      Southwest had decent people working on the plane and at the counter. However, it looks like their executive are lacking backbones. Hey, at least look at the situation and support your employees for doing the right thing. I guess decency is not important in this day and age. Shame on you execs.

      • Christian

        I hate ignorant comments like this – “Next trip” you have no idean who worked the counter and plane for SWA. They may have been inked up the yin-yang and no high school diplomas; you think just because they asked BJA to pull up his pants they are “decent.” Whatever. You’re speaking out of complete ignorance and it’s so obvious. I hope you’re not over 15 years old – it would be scary if an adult wrote this.

    • Christian

      Marty Kay is right – we shouldn’t have to be around people whose fashion tastes are offensive to us (even if they happen to be world-class artitsts and that’s one way that artists express themselves). I’d like to see all the Wrangler-, over-sized buckle-wearing (could be used as a weapon) red necks kicked off planes as well. Think I’ll go listen to American Idiot (now a hit Broadway play) a few more times.

    • Mike

      I remember when men wore suits on planes, because it was special….

      Good for the flight attendant, she did the right thing. Too bad the so called executive did not support her in the decision.

      • Christian

        You’re an old man, Mike.

    • Megan

      So…wait, they can ask him to pull him his pants on the dubious standard of “decency”?

      Does that mean they can ask the woman showing two muffins worth of top to go buy pants that fit? What if someone considers your tattoo indecent–will they ask you to roll your sleeve down? I think leopard-print leggings should be outlawed, but that’s just me. If I work for Southwest, do I get to wreak fashion havoc upon passengers based on my own sense of style and propriety?

      I understand requests that have to do with keeping the plane safe, and I understand upholding legal standards of decency. I don’t like saggy pants as a matter of fashion, either, but I don’t have the right to tell someone not to wear them. I’m not sure a Southwest employee does either.

      • Grab

        Private sector businesses get to set their own rules. I don’t like the way you look when you come into my store because I think that you will offend my other customers, I don’t have to sell to you. Until the government decides differently. Then we become Germany, 1935.

      • Megan


        You know, you’re completely right. I don’t agree with it, because the “rules” seem arbitrary. And flying is so caught up in government regulation that I really didn’t separate the private business from the government rules.

        I guess my question, then, would be if the employee was invoking a governmentally-imposed rule (anti-terrorism, safety, etc.) in this case. If so, I’d say that’s stretching. If it’s the policy of Southwest, though, you’re right–people have to pretty much suck it up.

    • Christian

      Oh, and with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 only a week away, really, doesn’t the in-flight help have bigger things (and yourself, for that matter) to worry about than pants. Good to know the USA is over the trauma of 9/11 and back to debating the important issues. I need to listen to American Idiot another dozen times. Seriously, mama don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.

    • Christian

      I once saw Toby Keith on a music vid with his Wranglers so tight I could see his wang and nuts in full profile (done for obvious reasons). No way I would ever want to be on a plane with his freaking, behind the woodshed, kind.

    • Zadoc Paet

      What the heck? Obviously “saggy pants” interfere with the plane’s internal radar systems. It’s a safty issue, folks! LOL What do you think?
      POLL: Is kicking people off a plane for fashion going to far?

    • Kent Manthie

      Now I’m the last person who’d be defending anything that Green Day does – or their pretend-gay singer; I think Green Day SUCKS. They’ve always sucked and the thing is, 20 years later they’re still doing the same old stuff they did in the early 90s. Usually as bands or singers age and get experience, they explore new territory, without necessarily changing their whole image. They do more innovative and experimental things, etc. But, as we can see, “Billie Joe” is still acting like a teenager – the very demographic the band is still focusing on (in other words, their original audience grew up, had kids, etc, but they didn’t and are now playing for their 90s audience’s kids). BUT – Southwest Airlines has no business policing how people dress – what is up with the bitchiness of the “flight attendants” these days – in the past they used to actually treat passengers w/respect and a smile instead of the surly attitudes you get from them these days.