Poll: Is Someone Trying To “Share” Your Food A Deal-Breaker?

Since it is Labor Day, there’s a good chance you are eating pie or ice cream or whatever people eat on Labor Day. Possibly you’re eating with someone you love or are “hanging out” with. So I wanted to share this important exchange between me and a dude friend.

Him: Deal-breaker or no: guy who tries to take some of your dessert?

Me: I’d stab his hand with a fork.

Him: ….

Me: But that’s just me! A sane person with taste-buds.

Him: What if he realllly wanted a bite?

Me: If he fights for it in the plate arena and can evade the fork stabbing, he has earned it.

Him: [My girlfriend] has problems sharing dessert, too. Suggestions for me to cope?


But there might be some of you out there who actually ENJOY sharing your food! You people will never survive the apocalypse. You’ll just let people eat all the food off your plate. But that’s fine. That’s fine. You are entitled to make choices. If you are one of those people – the sharing people – perhaps you could even offer my dude friend some advice.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Eileen

      My best platonic dude-friend and I always used to sample each other’s food. I’d only be more amenable if it were a dude I wanted to bone.

    • Hanna

      It really depends. When I cook, I make enough, meaning there’s usually left-overs for when we are done sexing each other up at 3am and famished. So I’m up for sharing then. Everybody likes to share when it’s the middle of the night, they had several orgasms and you’re standing in your kitchen naked, eating leftover pie with somebody awesome.
      Dessert in limited supply? No way in hell. I would go straight for the throat with the fork.

    • Elizabeth

      This is crazy, I always share food. It’s almost general policy in my family that nobody orders the same thing when eating out, because that way everyone gets to try everything.

      I think it would be almost a deal-breaker if a dude I was dating didn’t want to let me to taste what he ordered. I certainly encourage everyone to try whatever I get.

    • Nikita

      If you share your food now, it pays off later when you guys go out and you decide to order something exotic and it turns out you’re not a big fan of beef intestine but you’re really hungry so you eat off of his plate and end up eating most of his food, your food left lonely and untouched (but you decide to bring it home to give to the dog).

    • Magda

      If I know you well/consider you family/a close friend, we can share. If you ask if you can taste, thats better, I value politeness/good manners.

      More than likely though, I usually offer everyone a taste. Especially if we are at a restaurant and we ordered different things.