How To Wear Thigh-High Socks Without Looking Crazy

And by crazy, we basically mean like you are someone who just escaped from an anime convention. So, fun crazy, we guess? Still, a few tips to keep this look subtly sexy and not pervy and weird:

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    • Jennifer

      I sincerely NEED to know where I can get these shoes. I’m not kidding. Deep, physical need.

    • Magda

      I will not lie. I am a fan of the thigh high socks and knee high socks too. Especially in the fall. Especially with mini skirts. I think it looks tantalizing to just see that brief bit of skin. But maybe I’m really a 53 year old man with a pervy catholic school girl family. I don’t know…

      Good tips though!

    • Rebecca

      I have those rainbow socks and I wear them with pride. I love being a loony. (also still being in college helps one get away with such things. But shhh.)

    • The Great Cornholio

      Better advice: wear a short miniskirt and go for the school girl or anime convention look. Skip the damn tights, as they defeat the whole purpose. Rainbow or white thigh-high socks are good too.

    • Lauren

      The layered tights are actually two toned! You can get them off ebay from wither rinkacollections of style-gaga, I can’t remember which person but they are very reliable!

    • I..

      It’s ironic because the anime character look is sort of what I was going for and I found out about thigh highs from an anime character..sooo hahhahaha. Seriously though, why are the anime characters always the ones with the coolest and funkiest clothes?!

      • Kpopcrazy15

        Because anime characters are the ones who are good at picking clothes that no one would dare of wearing…that’s why they are so awesome and bionic! Lol!^^