• Tue, Sep 6 2011

The 12 Ex-Girlfriends That Can Ruin Your Relationship

A good man is hard to find. A good man without a slew of troubling ex-girlfriends is downright impossible.

Whether she was the one who got away or the one who drove him to insanity, your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend can still linger in his memories. Or, even worse, outside his apartment.

Some ex-girlfriends are harmless and some need restraining orders. Which of these ex’s are ready to wreak havoc on your relationship?

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  • Frances

    Or, for “Ugly ex-girlfriend”: Why did he date her? She must have been the kindest, funniest, most interesting person ever! Am I hot but boring?

    • Hanna

      She must do exciting and outlandish stuff in bed he still secretly fantasizes about!

    • LadyLuck

      Hey. I’m experiencing the same thing at the moment. I was head over heels for this guy then I saw a picture of him with his new gf that he meet online. I don’t want to sound mean but I needed to see another picture just to confirm that she does indeed look like that. I was shocked. When I asked him about her all he said about her was that she is a nice girl. I think you may have answered your own question. We never worked out because although I am cute I was extremely emotional and he hated anything to do with confrontation. He probably dated a lot of attractive women then got tired of the drama so downgraded to the not so attractive physically pile.

  • Donna

    ” their inseparable dynamic will bring out a paranoid and jealous side of you that you never knew existed.”
    this is me the -inth degree

  • Eve

    OK, I get that this is a joke, but it’s also a sentiment that’s been repeated ad nauseum. Let me say this: other women are not a threat to your relationship. Nobody can “steal” your man. If your boyfriend leaves you or cheats on you, that’s something HE did. No woman can force him to leave you for her.

    Also, the “psycho” thing rubs me the wrong way– if a woman has a legitimate mental illness, that’s one thing. If she’s just a nasty, destructive person, that’s another. The conflation of someone being horrible, violent and irresponsible with “craziness” is ableist.

    • Jasmine

      I completely agree! This slideshow works as humor, poking fun at the people we become in our relationships (behavior which looks trivial in hindsight) but only if you don’t take it seriously.

    • meteor_echo

      Well, having a mental illness doesn’t mean that you’re automatically a goody-two-shoes – I have several and I’m a clingy, insecure, terrible human being, I easily admit to that. Though, I agree with you on the first part of your comment.


    Am a guy and this is how we think , and we just wait , the threat level is so true , not going back to ugly , NEVER , she is so number 2 …

  • Antonio

    Its true, specially if it was your first girlfriend then the images and scenes get stuck and find room in your brain. but lemme tell you this, when a relationship is over there is no turning back, lemme repeat that again, when a relationship is over you dont turn back because whats past stays in past and if you ever try to convince yourself that shes worth to get back to then your just messing with yourself and dont take life serious. emotions are some stuff to what out for, dont let emotions suck your logic with in it, fight it and be strong. Keep Your Head Up!

  • Sandberg Noris

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