Real Talk: What To Never Text Your Significant Other

We understand you never want to talk on the phone again, never, not as long as you live. That’s totally understandable. Everyone wants to stay in contact, no one wants to be interrupted. We get where you’re coming from on that. However, if you are going to use text as your only means of communication, do it right. We talked to some men and women about what they hate most, text-wise.

(pic via Old Blue Eyes)

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    • Fabel

      Here’s one more:



      • Jowee

        Not only k… but Kk. You couldn’t just say OK? :|

      • Fabel

        Oh god, yeah– can’t stand “Kk” either. It even has the same amount of letters as “OK”, so it’s like…is it that hard to move between keys?

    • Penni

      Enjoying the fact that #3 says stop texting so much while #4 says text more! Hmm…

    • Alex

      YES! I cannot stand when I get the one word ‘LOL’ or kk or huh back!

      Drives me insane. And if you don’t want to text anymore then don’t text anything at all!!!

    • Sue

      Just had this conversation with my daughter last night. I hate someone to answer with K….don’t bother to text that back to me!

    • me

      yes, ugh, I hate it when guys text emoticons….it’s like, “Seriously, a smiley face??”

    • sarah

      so what about gals adding emoticon to a guy? I’ve learned the hard way the guy I was seeing turned it totally around and thought I was ‘digging at him’ got totally upset – it was strickly intended as a light hearted exclamation mark amidst dull text . – Is this where guys are from Mars and women from ?

      • Spark026

        Most guys are fine with it.

        And as a guy that can sometimes be very sarcastic/funny/sexy in txt, but also be serious and sweet, I guarantee the girl would be completely lost if I didn’t use the occasional emoticon, myself.

        Anyone who says they can always read txt tone is lying!

        Ps – And I’ve yet to meant a girl that didn’t like it, unless she had no sense of humor in which case they’re probably was no txting after the first date.

        So guys, if you can type intelligent and witty remarks via txt, the emoticon can be your friend too.

    • dlc

      i cant stand the “lol”s too!! but i love sextng my guy the sounds i make when i enjoying his man meat, sllllishhhliccckelaaaaslurrrrp!

    • Dry Sexter

      So far every girl I’ve dated loves emoticons. I hated it at first, but i realized that i needed to use them too. My dry sense of humor would go completely over there heads without it.

    • Jess K

      Gonna have to disagree about the smiley face Bcuz it can be like a ? or !
      without it sometimes your text might be like what the f but with smiley face you know its just messin around.

    • Ashley

      it drives me nuts with the one worded text like when your telling someone that you had a crappy day at work and just want to vent and all they say is “sorry”….its like are you really sorry or just saying to shut me up?

    • Ressa

      I like when my guy uses emotions (the simple ones) Its hard to tell via text how he is feeling sometimes. So if he puts a :) I know he is joking or not trying to be short that he is just busy. I always use emotions because ppl take things the wrong way sometimes. So if I am joking I use a ;) or something!

    • Josh

      people really get that butthurt about texting? what’s wrong with you people.

    • Ashley

      Need to keep rereading this article so I don’t forget to remove my emoticon prior to pressing send

    • misscamie

      i hate it when ur guy says i miss you sooo much every 2 seconds like ik u just said that i asked how u r not if u still miss me

    • xpez

      O.0 what you talkn bout?
      wanna do it later? :P

      K ttyl

    • Jordan Laine

      First, love the use of “lady wood”.
      Second, I’m a sarcastic ass at times and use the emotes helps to break that up a bit, they have their place if used well enough.

    • Jeremy Wayne

      God, I hate when article-based websites use slideshows. I just want to scroll from top to bottom on one page when reading an article. Why make it annoying?

    • Alexandra

      I feel like each and every one of these “rules” are unique to different kinds of personalities and relationships… The emoticons, as many people have stated already, can be a good thing because texting takes out all intonation in the communication. I’ve also had the experience of my boyfriend needing to hear an “i miss you” to help him get through his day.

      Another thing; This article also mildly contradicts itself. One slide says, “Stop trying to write forever. It doesn’t need to be longer than a few words.” Then the very next slide says, “Stop texting back one work. If I spend time explaining how my day was…”

      There is an obvious difference in what each gender sees as unnecessary texting, so maybe this article should have been subdivided to avoid confusion and contradiction,