Gallery: Emma Watson Goes Sort Of Punk For The GQ Men Of The Year Awards

It seems Emma Watson can do no wrong, fashion-wise and in general. When she showed up to yesterday’s GQ Men of the Year Awards, she was rocking a soft punk look that successfully walked the line between “iconic English fashion” and “I am a young person who shops at Hot Topic.” At least, I think it did. Do you agree?

(Via Getty Images)

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    • Jinx

      Emma is my exquisite, no-nonsense QUEEN.

    • Stella

      Love this child. Cute as the damn proverbial button.

      My daughter says she doesn’t understand why (her fellow) junior high school boys are all into Megan Fox but not Emma Watson. The answer, I’m afraid, is too depressing.

    • Jon

      ….they should’ve sent a poet.

    • Molly

      She looks lovely, as always.

      You could have done the girl a favor and picked ANY of the other pictures at the title image of this story.