What Would Happen If You Crossed Anna Wintour With Karl Lagerfeld?

Fashion illustrator Don Oehl has smashed together fashion industry heavyweights for a series of illustrations about media power couples. He’s got a few prints currently available on 20×200 where he describes the series as such:

This series is based upon Hollywood’s obsession with power couples by marrying names together. I wanted to play with this by marrying power people in fashion with their power media counterpart. The result becomes a separate individual power entity by giving the relationship a completely new meaning.

Oehl has an exhibit opening at Clic Gallery, for those in Nw York for Fashion’s Night Out.

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    • August S.

      So close to Winterfell, but not quite close enough for a Game of Thrones joke. Sadness.

      (Although now I really hope someone wears a “Wintour is Coming” shirt to FNO. Fashion and fandom, living in perfect, geeky harmony!)