Witness Ali Lohan’s Dramatic (Plastic Surgery Induced?) Transformation

Have you heard? 17 year old Ali Lohan has a modeling contract with NEXT. I’m really glad that she’s not being thrust into this world of celebrity too young and doing strange things to her body, like some sister of hers. Oh. Wait. Let’s look at her evolution for a second, here.

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    • Kelly

      oh god what

    • Janine

      She’s so lucky that she comes from a famous family. Plastic surgery or not, that girl is ugly.

    • Rose

      She lost quite a bit of weight which is why her facial bone structure is more pronounced. However, I believe she got lip fillers and the tip of her nose defined.

    • anna robinson st,jacques

      i think this girl ruined herself she looks like the cat women how many surgerys will she have

    • Megan

      Eww She went from pretty to Rebecca Black in a horror movie gross!!

      • Aleyce

        very Very VERY true Megan… Can we get a stylist up in here?

    • Aleyce

      Totally nasty. Her hair is lifeless and her eyebrows are becoming one!! someone needs to tell this chick whats up, cuz it ain’t her.

    • christy

      aww, so sad.

    • heather

      omg she reminds me of emily rose after :( she must be anorexic i mean just look at her she is so frail and gross :(